Snax Talks About His Future Goals In Esports And Streaming


Snax Talks About His Future Goals in Esports and Streaming

The man with a plan!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Snax recently featured as a guest on the Spotify original podcast called Gamers Unplugged, hosted by Dynamo.
During the last segment of the podcast, Snax spoke about his future goals across esports, streaming, and personal life.
Snax revealed that his current goal was to buy a house within the next two years.

Raj "Snax" Varma is one of the top gaming streamers from India who has amassed a huge following since his career as an esports athlete took off three years ago in 2019. With his humble attitude he has become a star within and outside the mobile gaming community.

The 22-year-old appeared as a guest in the latest episode of the Spotify original podcast - Gamers Unplugged, hosted by Aaditya "Dynamo" Sawant. Snax spoke about a lot of things related to gaming and streaming.

Towards the end of this talk show, Snax shared his future goals, revealing what he wants to do in his life across esports and streaming, "I will continue playing and streaming both (PC and Mobile games). I will not commit the same mistake of leaving PC games and focusing only on BGMI or mobile games."

Snax talks about his esports, streaming, and personal goals in life

An all round personality who competes professionally, engages with the community through his streams, and even shares glimpses of his personal life through vlogs, Snax, has quickly made his way to the top of Indian esports, spreading smiles and positivity along the way.

Three years in the industry and Snax is just getting started, already having laid the foundation of what he wants to achieve next in his life. The youngster from Hyderabad in a recent interview revealed that in the coming two years he wants to buy a house for himself and his parents.

"In the next two years I want to purchase a house for myself, keep my family happy. This is my first and foremost goal, once this is achieved after that I will think about anything else about my future," says Snax.

While this was his personal goal, something he aspires to achieve in life, when it comes to streaming and esports, Snax is clear that he will continue streaming both PC and mobile titles irrespective of whether BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) returns or not.

"Right now I am into PC gaming a lot, but in case the game (BGMI) returns, I will continue playing and streaming both. I will not commit the same mistake of leaving PC games and focusing only on BGMI or mobile games. I will stick with both and handle them both," confirms Snax.

Apart from this Snax also spoke about a lot of other things related to his career in gaming, a few anecdotes from his personal life, and even participated in a fun segment to put his common sense to the test!

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