Snax Shares His First Day At The S8UL Bootcamp


Snax Shakes up the S8UL Bootcamp on His First Day

No one was ready for such a burst of energy.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Snax shared a glimpse of how his first day at the S8UL bootcamp went and what all he did over there.
Snax along with JokerKiHaveli caused havoc by playing pranks on multiple S8UL creators while they were streaming live.
Snax also showed his gaming setup and his living quarters at the gaming house.

One of the top esports athletes and gaming content creators from Hyderabad, Raj “Snax” Verma, recently joined S8UL Esports. He arrived at the team's bootcamp on 15th November and stormed through the entire gaming house being an absolute menace along with his friend and roommate, Gulrez "JokerKiHaveli" Khan.

All the adventures and shenanigans were captured by Snax and published in his vlog which was trending #9 on YouTube shortly after the video's release.

Snax along with JokerKiHaveli was seen discussing with Lokesh "8bit Goldy" Jain about the details of the car that he is about to purchase, sharing with his audience how he plans on setting up his streaming room, and creating ruckus by disturbing other S8UL streamers who were live.

Snax shares how he spent his first day at the S8UL Bootcamp

One of the recent additions to S8UL's ever-growing lineup of content creators, Snax, shared how he spent his first day at the famous bootcamp and it was quite the ride for others who were at the gaming house.

After revealing a few details about what car 8bit Goldy was thinking of buying, which could be an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) or an XUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) based on the conversation they had, Snax along with JokerKiHaveli decided to prank a few creators while they were livestreaming.

Together the duo crashed into the private streaming rooms of Devdeep "Zeref" Dhar, Kamal "Akshu" Kumar, Mukul "Mafia" Anchal, Aman Jain, and Sohail "Hector" Shaikh while they were live on their respective streams, making a lot of noise and annoying them for a bit before moving on to their next victim.

All the creators they pranked were chill and nothing was done with ill intent, Snax and JokerKiHaveli were just having fun with some old school humor.

Apart from this, Snax showed a glimpse of his living quarters and streaming room which was still empty but he did go on to explain how it might look like once it was properly setup by him.

This was probably the most energy that was felt in the S8UL bootcamp in quite a while. Hopefully, it will carry on as more entertaining content might be delivered by Snax in the coming days.

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