Skylightz Gaming Has Allegedly Stopped Its BGMI Operations In India


Skylightz Gaming Has Allegedly Stopped Its BGMI Operations In India

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According to a recent Instagram story Saumraj, Skylightz Gaming has allegedly stopped all of its BGMI operations in India.
The decision was taken amid the unavailability of Krafton’s popular battle royale title.
Saumraj, Pukar, and GamlaBoy have not yet revealed their future plans.

Skylightz Gaming has allegedly stopped all of its BGMI operations in India, according to a recent Instagram story by professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player, Saumya “Saumraj” Raj,. This comes amidst the unavailability of Krafton’s popular battle royale title in the country. The organization’s BGMI roster had included Saumraj, Tushar “GamlaBoy” Das, and Pukar “Pukar ” Singla in its lineup. Saumraj stated that all the BGMI players are no longer part of the organization.

Skylightz Gaming ceases its BGMI operations

Skylightz Gaming Reverse Blue belongs to a group of companies under the management of the Organisation GC Group, which has been based in Singapore for the last six years. It has fielded three PUBG Mobile rosters:

  • Skylightz Gaming Indonesia (ID) female roster

  • Skylightz Gaming ID Male roster

  • Skylightz Gaming Nepal roster

Furthermore, it also boasts a Free Fire roster from Nepal.

Skylightz Gaming signed a BGMI roster in July 2021, right after the game was launched in India. It featured Saumraj, GamlaBoy, Pukar, and Harpreet “RonaK” Janjuha. Since its inception, the team has demonstrated exceptional and consistent performance. It achieved a high position on the leaderboards of multiple tournaments, including The Esports Club - BGMI Invitational Season 1 and LOCO War of Glory: Grand Finals. It also won the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 (BGIS 2022) and secured the fifth position in the BGMI Masters Series. However, RonaK left the team in July 2022.

A few days after the conclusion of the BGMI Masters Series, the government of India suspended BGMI under Section 69A of the IT Act 2000. Since then, the esports ecosystem of the game has been stagnant. There have been no official tournaments, and players stopped playing competitive scrims. After almost five months of the game’s unavailability, Skylightz Gaming has allegedly decided to shut down its BGMI operations in India. However, the organization has not yet announced anything regarding this decision.

After Saumraj alleged that Skylightz Gaming had stopped all of its BGMI operations in India, director and general manager of Skylightz Gaming, Shivanash Tripathi, responded by stating, “We haven’t stopped our operations; we are still continuing with New State Mobile.” 

Skylightz Gaming announced its New State Mobile roster prior to The Esports Club New State Open. It featured two of its former New State Mobile players and one former player from Reckoning Esports and Team U4G each. Following is the current New State Mobile roster of Skylightz Gaming: 

  • Shahrukh “CobraOG” Bavani

  • Aman “CriminaLL” Gupta

  • Shaik “Punisher” Maheboob

  • Abubakar “Dagger” Jilani

The team demonstrated a decent performance in the TEC New State Open and finished in the ninth position. Currently, it is competing in the Snapdragon Conquest New State Mobile Invitational. It demonstrated an impressive performance in the league stage of the tournament, where it ranked second on the overall leaderboard and qualified for the grand finals of the tournament. As mentioned by Tripathi, the roster will play under Skylightz Gaming in the upcoming tournaments.

Saumraj, Pukar, and GamlaBoy have not yet revealed their future plans, except the “new journey awaits” statement in Saumraj’s story. The players have demonstrated incredible coordination and performance in their 1-year stint. It will be interesting to see if these three players stick together and join a new organization or part ways and join a different organization.

There is no official announcement about BGMI’s return to the country, nor has Krafton updated its audience about the game’s current state. Even though Krafton had made a few statements about it trying to resolve the suspension, fans and players are expecting an official announcement from the officials.

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