Skyesports League 2022: Schedule And Location Revealed


Skyesports League 2022: BGMI Tournament Schedule and Location Revealed

A lot more announcements are guaranteed in the near future.

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The schedule and location of the upcoming BGMI tournament Skyesports League 2022 has been announced.
This is the first time that BGMI will be played as part of the Skyesports League 2022 which is scheduled to take place from 7th to 11th August.
Skyesports League 2022 will be a LAN tournament taking place somewhere in Delhi with an undisclosed eight figure total prize pool.

The competitive BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) circuit in India is getting more exciting in the second half of the season with the announcement of Skyesports League 2022.

While not all the information related to the tournament has been revealed, its schedule and location was announced earlier today on 19th July. The BGMI event is all set to take place from 7th to 11th August following an offline format somewhere in Delhi, featuring an undisclosed eight figure (crore) total prize pool.

This will be the third BGMI tournament taking place on LAN after NODWIN Loco All Stars Invitational and BGMI Masters Series 2022 (BGMS), all of them taking place in the Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) region itself.

BGMI tournament Skyesports League 2022 announces schedule and location

Following the conclusion of the Skyesports Streamers Showdown 2022 which also featured BGMI as the competing title, the tournament organizer has moved further with the esports side of things and announced certain details about the upcoming Skyesports League 2022.

The hyped tournament is all set to take place next month somewhere in Delhi featuring a massive prize pool which will be in crores as per the teaser shared earlier this month.

Skyesports League 2022 teases eight figure prize pool

What sets this particular tournament IP (Intellectual Property) apart from other events is the fact that it operates similar to a franchise model, which is a popular sporting trend in the Indian subcontinent following the massive success of the IPL (Indian Premier League).

Instead of teams participating in this tournament under their own organization or players being handed an invite with the liberty to form their own teams, specific clubs are created representing various Indian cities as they compete against each other across a singular esports title.

The first two iterations of the Skyesports League featured Valorant as the competing esports title, being replaced by BGMI this time around. This comes with its own logistical responsibilities as the number of competing teams will go up from eight to 16.

In the previous two seasons the competing clubs were as follows,

  1. Bengaluru Crushers

  2. Chennai Clutchers

  3. Delhi Dragons

  4. Hyderabad Nawabs

  5. Kolkata Tridents

  6. Mumbai Aces

  7. Punjab Pinnacles

  8. Rajasthan Strikers

While no information related to the city specific clubs for the Skyesports League 2022 has been revealed at this point in time, it is likely that eight more clubs will be joining the existing ones to take the total tally up to 16.

This is certainly one of the most exciting Indian esports tournament that takes place annually as it provides the players and audience to cheer for something different, rather than the regular teams and organizations that they are used to. More information related to the event will be announced soon.

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