SID Talks About His Income in S8UL and Why He Stopped Receiving Salary

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>SID Talks About His Income And Salary In S8UL Esports</p></div>
SID Talks About His Income And Salary In S8UL Esports


During a recent livestream, SID spoke about his income in S8UL and why he stopped receiving a monthly salary from the organization.
SID refrained from giving the exact figure of the salary he used to receive from the organization, but he did reveal why he does not get it any longer.
SID revealed that the salary he used to initially receive from S8UL was decent as per the market standard and how things changed once he joined the organization.

S8UL Esports is one of the biggest and most popular esports organizations in India. They have streamers, creators, and professional athletes of all kinds from across the country.

Among their well known personalities is the 'bad boy' of Indian esports, Siddhant "SID" Joshi, also referred to as 'Savage SID' for his honest responses and straight-to-the-point quips that tend to be brutal.

During a recent livestream, an audience member asked about his salary and income in S8UL to which SID, true to his elements, responded without beating around the bush and revealed why he had stopped receiving a fixed monthly salary from the organization.

SID while talking about his income at S8UL shared why he stopped receiving a salary

True as ever to his audience, SID in a recent livestream said that he does not receive a salary from S8UL anymore. Initially, he used to get a monthly amount from the organization as he was hired for the role of esports manager but after about ten months stopped receiving it.

"When I joined S8UL, I demanded a salary because as an outsider I did not know the possibilities within the organization. I think after nine to ten months, the salary amount had become irrelevant to be very honest. After earning so much here, at one point I just stopped asking for it," said SID.

When asked about the exact salary amount, SID straight away declined from mentioning the exact figure but did say, "The amount demanded was neither massive nor small. According to the market rate, it was a decent amount. What I had demanded was immediately approved by Thug (Animesh Agarwal) and Goldy (Lokesh Jain) without any negotiation."

All his success, including the position now where he no longer requires a steady salary from the organization, can be attributed to his transition from being a successful esports manager to becoming a popular streamer and content creator for S8UL.

"For the first nine to ten months I was getting a salary because I was not streaming. But after that when I got to know how much I can earn over here, honestly the salary segment became very irrelevant. That is how S8UL's (business) model operates," said SID, touching upon why he does not receive a fixed monthly salary anymore.

Note: This segment starts from 05:15 onwards.

SID went on to speak on a lot of other topics like giving his views on whether BGMI players should switch to other esports titles and how the organization rather than copying takes inspiration from someone else's content.

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