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Sid Reveals S8UL Esports’ Plans For 2023

Moin Khot
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In a recent livestream, S8UL Esports’ manager Sid spoke about the organization’s plans for 2023.
The Manager stated that the organization had already achieved the goals it aimed for in the year 2022.
He stated that S8UL Esports’ plans for 2023 are huge.

In a recent livestream, S8UL Esports manager Siddhant “Sid” Joshi talked about the organization’s plans for 2023 and revealed that it has received interest from international YouTubers for collaborations. Sid also mentioned that S8UL Esports has previously worked with actors and influencers from outside of India to promote their products or brands, and that there are more plans in the pipeline for the coming year. He also mentioned that co-owner Animesh “Thug” Agarwal is constantly looking for ways to grow and improve the company and the Indian gaming and esports scene.

Sid states S8UL Esports’ plans for 2023 are huge

In a recent livestream, Sid was chatting with a few of his fans and Indian caster Sandeep “Insane Arena” Panchpal on the esports fan engagement platform Stan as a part of Stan Fan Quest. During this session, Insane Arena asked Sid a bunch of questions regarding S8UL Esports’s goals and future plans. Talking about S8UL Esports’ vision, Sid said, “There are a lot of things to do in the coming year. Earlier this year, I made a statement to see what we will achieve in the coming year. It took us only nine months to achieve the things we had planned.”

S8UL Esports has seen massive success since its inception, and much of it can be attributed to all the hard work done and decisions made by its co-owners, Naman “MortaL” Mathur, Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, and Lokesh “Goldy” Jain. 

“Our plans for the future are huge. Goldy also visited to discuss our plans for the upcoming year, and the plans are huge. Hopefully, we will be successful in all the new things we do in the next year,” said Sid.

Insane Arena stated that content creators from overseas are equally trying to capture India’s market to increase their fan base. He asked Sid if any big international YouTubers have reached out to S8UL Esports for a collaboration. Responding to this, Sid said, “These things happen quite frequently. If there was something that we could reveal, we would have revealed it already. I cannot say anything else right now about who has approached us. You might have seen in the past that S8UL Esports has collaborated with notable personalities, like actors and influencers, from outside of the country.” 

Sid explained why actors and influencers come to S8UL Esports for promotion. “Because when they want to come to India, and when they want to promote their product or brand, they know there is no better option than S8UL Esports or its influencers and creators. We have already done this, but I can’t reveal what we are going to do in the future. Obviously, if I could, it would’ve been in the news,” he said.

Talking about S8UL Esports' plans for the coming year, Sid said, “But, for sure, there are some plans in the pipeline. Thug is always looking at what new things he can do for the Indian (gaming and esports) scene and his own company. So, there are a lot of plans in the pipeline that cannot be revealed right now.”

S8UL Esports recently won the prestigious “Content Group of the Year” award at the Esports Awards 2022. After completing such a huge milestone, S8UL Esports will aim to level and become an international organization.

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