SID Makes Bold Statement About Team SouL At BGMI LAN Event


SID Makes a Bold Statement About Team SouL at BGMI LAN Event

There ain't no SAVAGE without SID.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Despite Team SouL opting to rescind its invite for the first-ever BGMI LAN tournament, SID was present at the venue in Delhi NCR.
SID participated in the Asphalt racing event where he placed third and even gave an interview with the Hindi talent.
SID shared his experience of the LAN tournament and went on to deliver a bold statement about Team SouL.

The NODWIN Loco All Stars Invitational concluded earlier today with TSM (Team Solo Mid) walking away as champions of the first-ever Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) LAN tournament. Though there was no live audience to cheer for the players, it was a great experience to witness some of the best teams from around the country go up against each other face-to-face in an offline environment.

One of the fan-favourite teams that could not make it to the event despite having accepted the direct invite initially was Team SouL. They did have a legit reason to rescind the invite but this did not stop their team manager and popular esports personality Siddhant "SID" Joshi from being present at the venue.

Not only did he take part in the Asphalt tournament but even gave an interview with the Hindi talent team where he spoke about the LAN tournament, shared his experience about the competing teams, and also made a bold statement about Team SouL.

NODWIN Loco All Stars Invitational: SID delivers a bold statement regarding Team SouL at the BGMI LAN event

Team SouL was not competing at the first-ever BGMI LAN event and their absence was missed by many in the Indian mobile gaming community. However, SID was still present at the venue as a special guest and was also competing in the Asphalt tournament.

Following this tournament where he placed third, SID sat down with the Hindi panel consisting of Ocean "Ocean" Sharma, Varun "SuperJonny" John, and Ketan "K18" Patel for an interview.

Starting off on a light note SID spoke about the fun Asphalt tournament and gave a brief review of his performance, going on to state that "At the end of the day it was for the audience, it was not for us, and I don't think they could have hoped for anything better than a sc0ut vs JONATHAN final."

SID went on to share his experience of this BGMI LAN event. He straightway pointed out that this was a "practice run" for all the teams attending because there was no audience, which plays a "massive role", in affecting the psyche and morale of the players irrespective of them winning or losing.

"It is not easy to play in front of an audience," said SID, "Even on such a big stage where players are playing on new devices maybe, they don't have their pillow, no one to make you Maggi or bring you water, you are not in your comfort zone so it is super difficult and I am surprised to see that some of the players are doing really well considering this is their first time."

The interview was going well and fine up until this point, but with SID around there has to be a savage moment waiting to be found. He went on to make the following statement towards the end of the interview.

See, whenever you [NODWIN/Loco] host your next LAN tournament [BGMI] I am pretty sure there will be a live audience as well. At that moment, the audience will be shouting the name of only one team [Team SouL]. I am saying this here and now, be ready for the next LAN event.
Statement by SID - Interview at NODWIN Loco All Stars Invitational

A bold statement from a man who has complete confidence and belief in his team, that could unfortunately not make it to this tournament. Maybe the results at the event would have been different if a team as aggressive as Team SouL was competing at the event to give TSM a bit of a tussle.

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