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SHADOW Reveals Why JONATHAN Is Not Playing BGMI Scrims

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Although JONATHAN plays classic BGMI matches, he has stopped playing BGMI scrims.
In a recent livestream, SHADOW revealed why JONATHAN does not play BGMI scrims and whether he will start playing again.

Since the government of India blocked Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral has stopped practicing and playing BGMI scrims. However, he has been playing classic BGMI matches on his livestream which intrigued fans about why the Indian star continued to play the game casually, while putting a halt to scrim practice. As a result, fans have been questioning his teammates including Arjun “SHADOW” Mandhalkar in their livestreams and asking them to elaborate the reasoning behind this move.

SHADOW says JONATHAN will start playing scrims once BGMI returns

In a recent livestream, SHADOW revealed that JONATHAN is practicing BGMI alone, as he does not like to play scrims just for fun. Following this, he stated that JONATHAN would return to practicing in scrims with his team once the game returns. “JONATHAN is currently practicing solo. Let him do it. Once the game returns, he will start practicing with the team. He wants to play serious custom scrims and does not like to play scrims only for fun, he only wants to play seriously,” he said. He added, “When the game returns, everyone will start to play customs scrims seriously. Then he will enjoy playing it too.”

Previously, Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare’s viewers also asked him why the roster of GodLike Esports has stopped playing BGMI scrims. Replying to them, he echoed a similar sentiment on his livestream and revealed that playing BGMI with the game block in the country is pointless. He said, “There is no point practicing scrims right now. If you pay attention, no professional team is playing seriously; everyone is just playing for fun.” Following this, he added, “There are no tournaments taking place, so there is no reason to play scrims and practice the game.

Although it has been over three months since BGMI’s block in the country, Kraton has not officially announced anything about the game’s return. However, Krafton recently updated the support section of the game’s website and added a few tutorials to it and also in the game. This action by Krafton stirred the entire BGMI community, and the fans are anticipating some good news.

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