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Ghatak Reveals Why No Team Is Playing BGMI Scrims

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In a recent livestream, Ghatak revealed why no team is playing scrims or practicing BGMI.
He said there is no point practicing as the game is still unavailable.

Since Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was blocked in the country, the esports scene for the game has completely collapsed. There have been no tournaments or game events of BGMI in the past three months. As a result, all the players and teams have stopped practicing BGMI and playing scrims. In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare why no one from GodLike Esports is playing scrims; he replied that there is no point practicing as the game is still unavailable.

Ghatak says there is no point practicing BGMI

While replying to the question, Ghatak referred to no other teams practicing BGMI due to its unavailability, and replied, “There is no point practicing scrim right now. If you pay attention, no professional team is playing seriously; everyone is just playing for fun. There are no tournaments taking place, so there is no reason to play scrims and practice the game.”

Following this, he rhetorically asked his audience, “Tell me one thing, which professional teams are playing BGMI seriously? There are 16 teams who usually play scrims, name me any five teams from those 16 teams who are playing seriously right now.”

In a previous livestream, Ghatak assured his audience multiple times that the game would eventually come back. However, he said that it would take time for the game to come back and refrained from commenting anything more. Ghatak said, “Game will come. Don’t get tense. You will be happy when it comes. It will take some time, but BGMI will come back. I don’t want to comment anything more regarding this topic.”

There is still no clear announcement from Krafton or the government regarding the game’s return. The government of India blocked the game on 28th July 2022, which makes it almost three months since the game’s unavailability. The game has started to lose its hype, and many creators and pro players are switching to different titles. Recently, popular BGMI content creator Aditya “Dynamo” Sawant expressed that he was upset because Krafton is showing a lack of transparency and response from its end despite audience support.

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