Scout Speaks Up: The Dire State of Indian Pro Players Post BGMI Ban



Scout Speaks Up: The Dire State of Indian Pro Players Post BGMI Ban

Ahsan Kabir
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On his recent YouTube livestream, Scout opened up about the dreadful conditions of aspiring BGMI pro players.
Scout discussed on how the lack of any promises from the publishers is aggravating the current situation.
Scout also shared his personal experience as he reached out to tier 1 players and how career regrets are consuming their competitive spirit.

Ever since the ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the Indian gaming space has come to a halt. From players, organizations to independent creators, the stale state of the industry has severely affected the business of all the pillars in the community. Recently, during a YouTube livestream, Scout shared his thoughts on the current standstill regarding the title’s unban in India and how it is affecting the competitive mindset of promising mobile esports athletes. He expressed his sadness about the state of the industry and revealed that a lot of pro players were regretting the last few years of their lives.

Scout’s take on the current condition of the community 

Following the ban of BGMI, there have been a lot of instances where creators and key industry figures advising Indian gamers to try their hands at newer titles to enable the streaming space to survive in these turbulent times. However, time and time again, any such initiative from creators have failed to drive any change in the overall fanbase. The community has cleared their stand regarding this as gaming for them is still synonymous with BGMI, even after a year since its ban.

Nevertheless, such loyalty is not reaping any rewards anytime soon as Scout expressed further concerns regarding the game’s comeback. “As of now, there’s no update on the game. Pun intended, but everyone’s holding onto blind faith. It is what it is,” he said.

Scout expresses his concern for aspiring BGMI Esports Athletes

It is one thing that casual players aren’t getting their desired engagement. But things are in a much dire shape for aspiring BGMI players who pursued an esports career in BGMI. With the game’s status still remaining unclear and a  lack of financial support to keep up their daily regime, their choice of taking up esports as a full-time career is now firing back.

Lamenting on this situation, Scout further shared, “I’ve been talking to a lot of tier 1 players with most of them expressing regrets over their current conditions with the game and with their families. Like they have wasted these 3 years of their life.”

Scout also specified that the uncertainty and lack of any promises from the publishers is the main culprit here. “We are okay with whatever’s happening to us. But what about those who’ve been grinding day and night, thinking on how to bring an impact in their careers once the game comes back. So, what will happen to them?” he asked.

As of now, no one can provide professional players with any alternative to anchor themselves. Quite a number of players have made the switch to New State Mobile but the game’s esports  viewership is still lackluster. The sooner Krafton is able to make ends meet with the government, sooner the Indian gaming space can bounce back to its former might. 

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