Everything You Need to Know About the BGMI Ban in India

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BGMI Ban in India


BGMI was reportedly communicating with servers directly or indirectly located in China which led to the ban in the country.
In-app purchases for UC have also been restricted and players can no longer buy in-game currencies.
While there have been signs of Krafton working to re-release the game, fans should wait for an official announcement.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was banned in India by the country’s government and there has been a lot of confusion among the playerbase regarding the ban. While some fans are eagerly waiting for signs of a return, others have commended the move to ban the game as BGMI was reportedly communicating with servers directly or indirectly located in China. Here is a breakdown of events that led to the ban of the game and what we can expect to happen next.

Is BGMI banned in India?

Yes, BGMI is banned in India as of February 2023. The game was banned during the first week of July 2022 and there is no concrete information suggesting a return for the game so far.

Why was BGMI banned in India?

The Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was reportedly banned by the Indian government under section 69A of the IT Act. BGMI in the first week of July 2022 surpassed 100 million which made it India’s most popular battle royale game.

According to the Indian news outlet News18, a senior Indian government official revealed that the game collects data that “can be misused like location, audio, and access to other critical information. BGMI is also a rebranded version of PUBG.” 

The controversy surrounding BGMI traces back to PUBG Mobile. In September 2022, the Indian government blocked access to PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite along with 116 other apps deeming these apps to be prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India.

PUBG Corporation made the decision to no longer authorize the PUBG MOBILE franchise to Tencent Games in India. PUBG Corporation announced that it had taken on all publishing responsibilities within the country.

Eventually, PUBG Mobile was rebranded under Indian guidelines and was launched as BGMI in May 2021. Krafton had also made substantial investments in the country and said that it was committed to the market.

Just a year after its release, the game was banned. Krafton released an official statement following the ban that said, “At KRAFTON, Inc. the security and privacy of our user data are of utmost importance to us. We have always been compliant with all laws and regulations in India including data protection laws and regulations and will continue abiding by them.”

The ban has negatively affected the esports ecosystem of India but many fans also acknowledge that if BGMI did compromise the nation’s security, then it deserves the ban. While part of the esports community has moved on to games like PUBG New State and Valorant, others are still hopeful for the game’s return.

How to buy UC in BGMI after ban

It is not possible to buy Unknown Cash (UC) anymore in BGMI as the game has been banned and Krafton has taken the decision to suspend all in-app purchases. Any websites claiming to sell UC in BGMI are misleading and should be avoided.

Will BGMI be unbanned in India?

There is no official confirmation regarding an unban and while there have been signs of Krafton working to re-release the game, players should wait for an official announcement before being hopeful about the game’s return.

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