Scout Reveals Fifth Member of Team XSpark

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Scout Reveals Fifth Member of Team XSpark</p></div>
Scout Reveals Fifth Member of Team XSpark


Tanmay "Scout" Singh, owner of Team XSpark (TX), revealed a new lineup for the previous Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) season, which included Pukar "Pukar" Singla, Sarangajyoti "Sarang" Deka, Aditya "Aditya" Mathe, and an additional fifth player.
Tushar "DreamS" Jain underwent tryouts with TX and is currently the team’s fifth member, with Scout expressing confidence in his potential.
Team XSpark aims for success in the previous BGIS Season 2, dedicating extensive practice to achieve dominance. Fans eagerly anticipate the impact of the new addition on their performance.

In an exciting announcement, Tanmay "Scout" Singh, renowned professional player and owner of Team XSpark (TX), revealed the official lineup for the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) season. Joining Scout on the roster are Pukar "Pukar" Singla, Sarangajyoti "Sarang" Deka, and Aditya "Aditya" Mathe. With this formidable trio already in place, Scout left fans on the edge of their seats by announcing the addition of a fifth player during a livestream.

Scout Reveals Fifth Player Addition, Eyes Success with New Addition

Scout mentioned that TX was preparing for BGIS Season 2 and confirmed that the team would be playing with a five-man roster, despite the option of a six-man roster. Tushar "DreamS" Jain was undergoing tryouts with the team, and Scout expressed confidence in his potential addition to the lineup. However, Scout emphasized that the playing four would be decided based on the players' form, comfort, and synergy rather than a fixed fifth player. Scout also stressed that the inclusion of DreamS was not about generating hype, but rather about finding the optimal combination for their gameplay.

DreamS brings a wealth of experience to Team XSpark, having been associated with multiple successful organizations in the BGMI Esports scene. Notably, he achieved success with Nigma Galaxy, clinching victory in the Pro Warrior Cup S2: Ultimate Round and the Rooter Invitational Series. DreamS also participated in renowned BGMI tournaments like the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series - Season 1 and BGMI Masters Series.

While each member of Team XSpark boasts impressive individual achievements, they have yet to achieve the same level of success as a cohesive unit. Addressing fans' hopes and expectations, Scout assured them that he and his teammates would dedicate themselves to extensive practice in their pursuit of dominance in the upcoming season. With BGIS Season 2 fast approaching, the anticipation for Scout's gameplay and Team XSpark's overall performance is at an all-time high. The addition of DreamS adds an intriguing dynamic to their roster, and fans eagerly await the impact it will have on their performance in the BGIS.

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