Scout May Receive Professional Counselling Following Burst of Toxicity

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S8UL Gaming’s Tanmay “Scout” Singh, was recently caught being toxic during a livestream.
Members of the Battlegrounds Mobile India esports community hit back at Scout which led to the player issuing an apology.
Animesh “Thug” Agarwal tells AFK Gaming that Scout has been given a final warning by S8UL Gaming for his actions and may receive professional counseling to help improve his behavior on public platforms.

Note: An earlier version of this story claimed that Scout accused Jonathan of stream sniping. This has been edited to reflect the situation more accurately.

Several members of the Battlegrounds Mobile India community spoke out against Tanmay "Scout" Singh’s burst of toxicity in one of his recent livestreams. Scout (also known as Sc0utOP), is part of S8UL Esports and in a recent livestream he was seen using expletives against players. The incident was clipped from the VOD which has now been taken down and shared online and other members of the BGMI community including 8bit’s Animesh "Thug" Agarwal, 8bit’s Lokesh "Goldy" Jain, and TSM FTX’s Abhijeet "Ghatak" Andhare, best known for having played with TSM FTX’s PUBG Mobile India roster, condemned the toxic behavior. After the clips of Scout being toxic went viral, the player issued an apology and said that he will try to “make a positive impact.”

BGMI community speaks out against Scout’s toxicity

Among a flurry of other abuses on Scout's stream, accusations of stream sniping were heard on the livestream. Scout has since claimed to us that it was NOT a direct accusation towards Jonathan 'Jonathan' Amaral (who, co-incidentally, posted the following story on instagram shortly after).

Jonathan's response to stream sniping accusations.

Shortly after, Ghatak hit back at Scout and said that while he has nothing against S8UL Gaming, what Scout did was disrespectful towards the audience, well-wishers, and brands who support such individuals.

8bit Thug condemned Scout’s behavior and stated that his organization has always been against toxicity and will take action against the player. He added that “right is right and wrong is wrong. There are no shades of grey or any middle ground.”

8bit Thug revealed that action will be taken against Scout.

AFK Gaming reached out to 8bit Thug for a comment regarding specific actions being taken by the org against Scout. Thug responded, stating that both he and Goldy are personally dealing with Scout and are trying to counsel him.

“This is something that needs to stop. It’s very harmful and puts us in a very bad situation” said Thug to AFK Gaming. “This is not something that S8UL stands for and it does not match with our values.”

He added that if required, the organization might even pursue professional counseling in order to understand Scout’s problems and point of view as well.

“This is the last time that we are accepting such kind of hatred by our players against any other team in the community which uses such abusive language,” added Thug.

Furthermore, he stated that a lot of other parties have also targeted S8ul in the past in abusive ways, and he makes an appeal to both his players as well as others in the community to stop such vulgar behaviour.

“I’m pretty sure this incident will not take place again and if required, we will put him under a professional counselor to help him improve his behaviour on public platforms” he concluded.

8bit Goldy directed an Instagram story towards Scout stating that the pro player should expect retaliation if he directly targets a fellow player with toxicity. Goldy expressed his disappointment in Scout and requested the community steer away from toxicity.

Scout's apology.

Scout issued an apology soon after his actions were condemned by the BGMI community. He said, “to everyone whose sentiments have been hurt because of me, apologies.” The player said that he will try to leave a positive impact and he tagged 8bit Goldy and 8bit Thug in his story, directing his apology at them.

This is not the first time Scout had a toxic outburst

This is not the first time that Scout has been toxic and unprofessional. During his time at Fnatic, he had an outburst against UMumba Esports’ players in March 2020 during scrims. He was enraged after his drop spot in PUBG Mobile was contested by UMumba Esports and directed expletives at other players, which caused a stir in the PUBGM community.

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