Scout Gives Reality Check on How BGMI's Uncertain Return Is Affecting Players

A moment of realization by one of the biggest gaming creators from India.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Scout Gives A Reality Check About Uncertain BGMI Return



During a recent livestream, Scout gave his audience a reality check about how uncertainty regarding BGMI's return has started affecting many players.
Scout allegedly told a true story involving the recently held BGMI scrims that used to take place on a daily basis.
Scout also called out unofficial BGMI news pages that operate on various social media platforms like Instagram.

For a few months now the regional mobile esports audience was being treated to a steady flow of top-tier Battlegrounds Mobile India scrim action. It came with its own set of controversies but at least gave some kind of hope to the masses about the game's eventual return.

Unfortunately, the scrims, which used to take place on a regular basis, are no longer functioning according to Tanmay "Scout" Singh, one of the founding members of these friendly practice sessions .

During a recent livestream, Scout gave a reality check about BGMI's questionable return with the game now being banned for well over nine months.

Scout gives a reality check about how BGMI's uncertain return has started affecting many players

It is certainly concerning when one of the biggest gaming streamers and content creators from India drops a reality check concerning BGMI's uncertain return, sharing his thoughts with his audience and viewers during a livestream session.

He went on to say that while there are big players who are able to earn money and are doing well, there are some tier-one players who are still grinding but not at a big enough level and it is they who are now starting to face a big problem.

"Let me tell you the whole story and this is all real, I'm not trying to fool you guys because I'm a part of it. There was a scene involving paid slots to play BGMI scrims, so a few of us decided that instead of giving money to someone else, let's pool money among ourselves and play. Upthrust Esports was contacted to host their scrim lobby but after about two months the players ran out of cash, this is the reality," said Scout.

He highlighted how many players quickly ran out of money as they were required to pay around INR 2000 every fourth day or so towards the scrim. This translated into a monthly expenditure of about INR 10,000 which most players could not keep up with.

"This is the reality of the situation, thousand rupees is not a small amount. So now we have stopped hosting and playing scrims on Upthrust Esports as we are not able to raise the required amount. This is the condition we have reached now," said Scout.

In conclusion, he left his audience with a haunting question that, if the situation is this bad right now imagine what would happen in a few month's time.

Note: The related segment starts from 02:12 onwards.

Scout also sarcastically taunted the unofficial BGMI news pages on Instagram by saying that they are much more connected to officials behind the game and are hence able to inform the public about when the game might return. On the other hand, small YouTube streamers like him who play regularly have no idea when the game could come back.

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