Scout Explains Complete Story Regarding Team Mavi's Slot in BGMI Tier 1 Scrim

This is how things unfolded for Mavi's new BGMI team.

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Scout Explains Complete Story About BGMI Tier 1 Scrim

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Scout during a recent livestream spoke about the BGMI tier-one scrim in detail, talking about how it was created and the controversy around Team Mavi's slot.
Scout broke down when the tier-one scrim was started, how the teams came together, rules that were implemented, and much more.
Scout also explained with proper reasoning why he voted against Team Mavi's exclusion initially and why they were later allowed to join the scrim.

The ongoing controversy involving top mobile esports athlete, Harmandeep "Mavi" Singh and his team not getting a slot in a BGMI tier one scrim due to "lack of achievements" has finally come to an end.

Tanmay "Scout" Singh actually covered the entire incident from start to finish during a recent livestream, including why he did not initially vote in favor of Mavi's team getting a slot in the scrim and why they have been allowed to compete in it now.

Scout explains why he voted against Team Mavi's slot for BGMI tier-one scrim

During a recent livestream, Scout spoke in detail about the slot incident and how the BGMI tier-one scrim came into existence. He explained that the scrim started about three weeks ago, around the last week of March, after 18 top teams accepted his proposal to play BGMI every day.

Scout added that once the 18 teams agreed they started competing among themselves. The prize pool was established by all teams coming together and pooling a certain amount of money. The collected total sum was then given away to the winner.

"In this way, we were paying out of our own pockets, we ended up playing against each other, and whoever won we gave the total amount to them, starting the whole cycle again the next day," said Scout, explaining the working model of the BGMI tier-one scrim.

After these 18 teams started playing against each other frequently, they thought that many other tier-one teams are still left out and should also be included in the scrim.

More teams were invited one week after the scrims started to take place but it resulted in the quality of the practice sessions going down due to increased chaos.

"At this point in time, there was no concept of slots because it was just 18 friends playing together on a daily basis," said Scout.

To further refine this BGMI tier-one scrim, two more rules were added to make things more serious and competitive.

  1. None of the participating teams would change their respective rosters for a period of 30 days.

    Further, no player from 'Team A' would play for 'Team B' until and unless a player from 'Team B' is facing a medical issue or has to go for a brand shoot.

  2. Every participating team should have at least three tier-one BGMI players.

    According to Scout, "Someone is a tier-one player if they have been consistently playing tournaments for a period of time and those that we know. Now, we are no official authority to give someone the title of being a tier-one player, but yes we all took a mutual decision to decide on this."

Following the creation of these rules, two players faced issues to join the scrim, Ashutosh "Punkk" Singh and Harsh "IMMORTAL" Shrivastava, as they could not complete their team which would need to include another tier-one player.

At the same time, even Mavi showed an interest in becoming a part of this scrim along with Hemanth "Ultron" Sethi, but even they did not have a third tier-one player to include in their team due to undergoing changes.

Scout took a firm stance here and did not make an exception for Mavi because he would then have to do the same for Punkk and many others.

"All the 18 teams took a vote. In this, what I thought was completely fair according to the rules, I suggested if they are being followed then say yes to Mavi otherwise let him get one more player and then we will allow him to play," said Scout, voting against Mavi's exclusion as he did not fulfil the two criterias.

However, now that he has completed his roster, Mavi's team will be seen competing in the BGMI tier-one scrim going forward. This was the entire story behind the practice session and the controversies related to it.

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