Scout Gets Featured In Sidemen's Podcast SideCast


Scout Gets Featured in Sidemen's Podcast SideCast

Mr. Worldwide or what?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During the Christmas Special episode of SideCast by Sidemen, a discussion around gaming took place.
The discussion involved games like Fortnite, PUBG (PC), and PUBG Mobile/BGMI with a focus on India and how big the title was in the country.
A clip featuring Scout was played during the podcast as the panelists continued discussing about the audience that this game attracts.

One of India's most prominent esports personalities, Tanmay "Scout" Singh, was featured in a popular podcast called SideCast, hosted by the famous British YouTube group Sidemen.

During the 'Christmas Special 2023' podcast episode that was released yesterday on 26th December, a discussion broke out between panel members about gaming which started with Fortnite and soon drifted towards PUBG Mobile, whose Indian version is known as BGMI.

It was during this segment that Scout's video playing BGMI popped up for everyone to see and they were surprised by the numbers that the creator attracted while streaming the mobile title.

Sidemen Discuss BGMI on SideCast and Scout Gets a Feature

A gaming discussion took place on SideCast during the Christmas special episode. It started with talks around Fortnite which soon shifted towards PUBG (PC) and from there it pivoted towards mobile gaming, in particular PUBG Mobile.

It was Vikram Singh Barn, better known as Vikkstar123, who spoke about mobile games being huge in the East, especially in China and India. Both these countries operate different versions of PUBG Mobile called Peace Elite and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) respectively.

The discussion pivoted towards PUBG Mobile after KSI, who is a huge internet personality and a member of Sidemen, questioned "What is PUBG even doing?" because the game used to be very popular globally at one point in time.

In response to this, Vikkstar jumped in and started explaining how PUBG's mobile version was still huge with some of the Indian streamers getting a concurrent viewing of about 200,000 while broadcasting the game on YouTube and about 2 Million views overall.

"Everyone has access to PUBG on a mobile phone. In like India and China there are like millions of people playing on their phones," said Vikkstar before everyone tuned in to watch a clipped BGMI stream featuring Scout.

Scout Features In SideCast by Sidemen

KSI was shocked to see two million views on the video as others pointed out that the gameplay was not even in English but in Hindi.

In the clip, Scout can be seen streaming BGMI with the POV (point of view) of both himself and the game, as others joked about not even seeing his face on the stream properly due to a cap that he was wearing and the fact that he was playing on a phone.

"The thing that is crazy though is that you will get more views playing this than the actual maximum graphics PUBG PC in 1080p or 4K," said Vikkstar.

By the end of this discussion, Vikkstar was seen smiling as he went on to say that he could start playing the mobile battle royale as he currently does not play any good games on his phone, "I could be getting chicken dinners."

The news has since spread like wildfire across the Indian mobile gaming community with Scout himself acknowledging the clip by sharing it on his Instagram story.

Scout Acknowledges SideCast Clip on Instagram

Others from the Indian gaming community also reacted to this as both BGMI and Scout were highlighted to a whole new demographic and audience, who were not aware of how big the mobile title and the creators associated with it are in the country.

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