Mazy Names Three BGMI Players Who Could Have Achieved More Success


Mazy Names Three BGMI Players Who Could Have Achieved More Success

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Aditya Singh Rawat
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BGMI talent Mazy during a recent livestream revealed three BGMI players who according to him could have achieved a lot more.
He gave proper reasoning for each of his picks and even spoke a bit about their future.

No esports team or player can win every tournament that they compete in. This does not mean that they do not try to give their absolute best each time they step out.

Winning and losing are part and parcel of esports, however, there are times when despite putting in their best efforts the outcome is not always a success due to certain unfavorable circumstances or shortcomings.

This is exactly what the popular BGMI commentator and analyst, Zishan "Mazy" Alam, spoke about during one of his recent streams by naming three professional players who could have achieved a lot more in their careers.

Mazy Names 3 BGMI Players Who Could Have Gone Further in Their Careers

Mazy's first pick was Suraj "Neyoo" Nityanand Majumdar from GodLike Esports. He pointed out that ever since being named as the MVP of BGIS 2021, Neyoo faced a sudden downfall and just disappeared from the radar.

"I mean, I could never understand that after playing so well and after achieving so much, Neyoo just disappeared," said Mazy, adding that he was one of the players who he wanted to see flourish in his career and play a lot more.

Neyoo: GodLike Esports

Mazy's second pick was Shubham "NinjaJOD" Sahoo who was formerly a part of TSM's roster and currently plays for Gods Reign. He commented that even after playing so well, Ninja was not able to use his skills to full potential.

"Be it his performance under the guidance of Robin (Robin Shekhawat) or some other IGL (In-Game Leader), from outside the viewers will think that the lineup is looking good and they are playing well, so everything between them is fine. But every team has a few internal issues that can be solved. During my time at God Reign's bootcamp, I heard and saw a few things, based on which I think Ninja could have achieved a lot more, but the reason behind his downfall is not known," explained Mazy.

Mazy speculated that the reason behind NInja not being able to achieve a lot more success could be either due to the team's management or even the player himself.

Ninja: Gods Reign

Mazy's third and final pick was Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal who is currently a part of Team SouL with rumors stating his departure from the side.

He is the latest addition to Mazy's list and the BGMI talent has no idea about what the player is thinking, decisions that he might make, or what he might do soon.

"Goblin is the third player who at such a young age could have achieved so much and it remains to be seen if multiple frequent changes would be good for him or not," said Mazy.

He hopes to see Goblin perform well in the upcoming LAN tournaments by Skyesports and NODWIN Gaming next year. As they might be the last few chances left for him to really shine and make a point.

Goblin: Team SouL

To conclude, Mazy said that Neyoo's career in competitive BGMI is more or less done, but Ninja and Goblin are still relevant and will be competing in 2024. However, they would have to prove themselves next year otherwise things could get tough for them as well.

Mazy also speculated that Goblin could be on his way to Revenant Esports and that the announcement of Carnival Esports entering BGMI with a new lineup could happen before the start of 2024.

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