RSG SG Announces Player Recruitment for MPL SG Season 5


RSG SG Announces Player Recruitment for MPL SG Season 5

John Dave Rossel
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RSG SG is looking for potential players to fill its roster for the upcoming MPL SG Season 5.
RSG SG stated that it also welcoming players from other regions.
RSG SG are the back-to-back champions of MPL SG Season 3 and 4.

Shortly after its run in the M4 World Championship, RSG Singapore (SG) announced that it is looking for potential players to improve its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) roster. The team revealed that players from any country of origin can apply and showcase their skills in the recruitment process. According to the post, the recruitment is for the upcoming MLBB Professional League (MPL) SG Season 5.

RSG SG is a back-to-back champion of MPL SG Seasons 3 and 4. Despite being one of the top contenders in the MLBB esports scene, the squad only finished in 13th place in the M4 World Championship after being swept by S11 Gaming Argentina.

RSG SG is looking to revamp its roster for MPL SG Season 5

With the conclusion of the world series event, RSG SG is looking to make a major comeback and improve its lineup for upcoming tournaments. Through a Facebook post, the esports organization announced that it is looking for aspiring pro players to fill its MLBB roster.

“We are back from M4 and we’re even more hungry to slay in 2023 than ever before. Armed with lessons and a vengeance. If you feel the same way here’s your chance,” captioned RSG SG.

The recruitment is not limited to Singaporean players only as the team also welcomes players from other countries.

How to apply for RSG SG’s recruitment

Interested players can head to the recruitment form posted by RSG SG’s official Facebook page. Applicants will need to provide accurate information which shall help determine if candidates can travel to Singapore and invest their time in training with the team or not. Proficiency in English is also one of the requirements, especially for players outside Singapore.

In the forthcoming MPL SG Season 5, it will be fascinating to see if fans get to witness any new players under RSG SG.

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