RSG PH's Roster Revamp Determined by MPL PH Season 9 Leaderbord Standing


RSG PH's Roster Revamp Determined by MPL PH Season 9 Leaderboard Standing

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RSG PH secures a clean sweep victory against Bren Esports in the sixth week of the MPL PH Season 9.
Kenji revealed how RSG PH chooses who will play each week.
Kousei revealed that the team's leaderboard rank will determine if RSG PH will have a roster revamp or not.

The sixth week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines Season 9 opened with RSG PH securing a clean sweep victory against Bren Esports. Two of RSG PH’s pro players - Clarense "Kousei" Camilo and Kenneth "Kenji" Jiane Villa also debuted this week and spearheaded the team to another victorious match. Through a post-match interview, it was also revealed that the performance of RSG PH will decide whether the team roster will remain intact next season or if it shall undergo roster changes. Kousei and Kenji also gave fans a glimpse of how RSG PH decides on who it shall draft into the main lineup every week.

Kousei and Kenji debuted to spearhead RSG PH to a clean sweep victory against Bren Esports

Arvie Aqua Antonio was back in action after missing out last week due to being ill. The pro player opted for a Eudora pick to partner with Dylan ”Light” Aaron Catipon’s Franco. This combo proved too much for Bren Esports as it ruined the team’s formation with every successful hook. The match was clearly one-sided as RSG PH took over complete control and closed the first game with a victory.

RSG PH dominated Bren Esports in the first game.

RSG PH dominated Bren Esports in the first game.

John Dave

The second game of the series saw RSG PH outright dominate. With a much simpler yet effective draft, the team’s execution was clinical throughout the game, pressuring Bren Esports into playing passively. With a dominant early game, RSG PH kept its momentum going and closed the series with a clean sweep victory.

This MPL Season is more than just a fight for the championship title for RSG PH

After a dominant victory against Bren Esports, RSG PH’s Kousei and Kenji revealed how the team chooses its main lineup for each week of the MPL PH Season 9. According to Kenji, every player gets a chance to play based on their performance in scrim matches played every week.

“Example, Monday and Tuesday is our variation test where all the players will be mixed together, and whoever is consistent will be able to play in the MPL (MPL PH Season 9),” said Kenji.

Kousei added that the team had another incident following Aqua falling ill last week. RSG PH’s Gold Laner Eman "EMANN" Sangco had an accident that resulted in a hand injury.

“Emann’s right wrist had an injury because he slipped in the bathroom,” said Kousei.

While the injury was not fatal, Emann could not play properly which led to Kousei being drafted as his substitute.

RSG PH is currently at second place on the regular season leaderboards, Kousei revealed that the team is aiming for more than just a championship title as the overall placement of RSG PH will decide if the current roster will remain intact or not.

“We had a deal with RSG, we also want to remain as a team for Season 10. The only thing we need to achieve is at least top 2 to make it happen,” said Kousei.

RSG PH aims to keep its momentum going as it slowly ascends the leaderboards, the team shall face off against Omega Esports on 26th March.

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