RSG PH's Light Crowned as the MVP of the MPL PH Season 9 Regular Season


RSG PH's Light Crowned as MVP of MPL PH S9 Regular Season

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Coach Panda believed that RSG PH's roamer Light deserved the MVP title of the MPL PH Season 9.
The MPL PH officially announced that Light is the MVP of the MPL PH Season 9 regular season.
The coach also shared how Light was always willing to go the extra mile just to secure this season’s championship title.

RSG PH’s journey in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9 was an uphill battle but the team persevered and is currently at the number one spot on the regular season leaderboards. The team’s coach Brian “Panda” Lim had shared his thoughts on who deserved the title of this season's MVP. Through a post-match interview during the eighth week of the MPL PH Season 9, Panda believed that there was no better candidate than RSG PH’s roamer Dylan “Light” Catipon. The coach shared how Light was always willing to go the extra mile and acknowledged the pro player’s determination toward winning this season’s championship title.

The MPL PH announced that Light is officially the MVP of the MPL PH Season 9 regular season.

Coach Panda praised Light for his perseverance

After dominating ONIC PH in the final week of the MPL PH Season 9, Coach Panda shared his thoughts on why he thought Light deserved this season’s MVP title.

“When Light first came to [our] team, he actually had to go through a 3-day tryout,” Panda said. “He stayed in the boot camp and he was also bonding, trying out those 3 days. After that, I accepted him.”

RSG PH’s coach was not only impressed with Light’s personality but was also amazed by the player’s gameplay and overall knowledge of the game.

“Not only in his personality, but it’s also his in-game sense, mechanics, also instinct. It was really good,” coach Panda said.

The coach also lauded Light’s perseverance and diligence. The pro player was always ready to push himself to the limit and deliver more than what was expected of him.

“If the players are waking up at 12 p.m., [he would] wake up at 9 AM. [or] 10 AM. He’s so disciplined, that’s why I really like Light.” coach Panda explained.

With how much Light achieved during the regular season, Panda believed that the pro player deserved the MVP title for MPL PH Season 9.

“ I’m not being biased. Actually, I am being biased because I’m his coach, but honestly, Light really deserves the MVP this season no matter what, because his dedication and hard work is just unbelievable,” the RSG PH coach said.

Light is crowned the MPL PH Season 9 regular season MVP

Out of all the potential candidates for this season’s MVP title, RSG PH’s Light was chosen as the MVP.

The pro player achieved a total of 233 assists, 6.97 assists per game, and a 3.92 KDA (Kill Death Assist) score. His Franco picks had the highest win rate at 83%, followed by Chou with 80% and Khufra with 75%.

As the top contender for the MPL PH Season 9 championship title, RSG PH will be looking to keep its momentum going as the team shall now head to the playoffs stage which is scheduled to kickoff on 28th April.

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