RSG PH Sad About Losing its Grand Finals Goal with Omega Esports in the MSC 2022


RSG PH Has a Surprising Reaction After Beating Omega Esports in a Thriller at MSC 2022

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RSG PH defeats Omega Esports in the lower bracket finals to secure a Grand Finals slot.
The match ended with RSG PH scoring a 3-2 victory over Omega Esports.
RSG PH felt sad that it couldn't pull off the goal of meeting Omega Esports in the Grand Finals match of the MSC 2022.

RSG Philippines (PH) knocked the defending champions Omega Esports out of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022 lower bracket playoffs. With both team’s grand finals dream on the line, RSG PH dubbed as the kingslayers used its momentum leading to an intense 3-2 victory against the comeback kings. Through a post match press conference, RSG PH admitted that the plan was originally for both PH representatives to compete in the Grand Finals of the MSC 2022. However, RSG PH couldn’t defeat RRQ Hoshi in the upper bracket, dropping it down in the lower bracket finals to face Omega Esports in a do or die match.

RSG PH denies Omega Esports of its back-to-back championship title bid

The match between the two PH teams were far from one-sided. In the first game, Grant "Kelra" Duane Pillas was denied of his best heroes in the drafting phase, forcing him to pull off an unorthodox Esmeralda pick which surprisingly worked in his favor. Despite not having a marksman in its lineup, Omega Esports pulled off a huge upset over RSG PH to secure its first win.

RSG PH bounced back in the second game thanks to Dylan "Light" Aaron Catipon’s Franco performance. With the star roamer getting his chance to play his favourite hero, the kingslayers were able to pressure Omega Esports and prevented the defending champions from snowballing.

Light dominates game 2 with his Franco.

RSG PH was able to keep its momentum in the third game. However, Omega Esports with its back against a wall, came back stronger in the fourth game to open a deciding match for the series.

With no more games left to spare, both teams were on edge. RSG PH went on an aggressive approach and demolished all but one turrets on the side of Omega Esports within 13 minutes. On the other hand, the defending champions seemed to play safer than its usual tactic, allowing the king slayers to secure the first few Turtles and Lords without contest. This decision made it hard for Omega Esports to recover in the late game and allowed RSG PH to close the match and end the defending champion’s chances of reclaiming its throne in the grand finals.

RSG PH Upset About Eliminating Omega Esports in the Lower Bracket of the MSC 2022

After the Comeback Kings failed to defend its championship title in the MSC 2022, fans saw the team’s Mid Laner Patrick "E2MAX" James Caidic receiving supporting hugs from the RSG PH squad.

RSG PH squad comforts E2MAX after the match.

Through a post match press conference, RSG PH’s star Roamer Light explained that they felt bad because they couldn’t pull off the plan where both PH teams would face each other in the Grand Finals.

“We’re kinda sad because we [faced Omega Esports] in the lower bracket finals instead of the Grand Finals,” said Light.

While the team was happy to secure a Grand Finals seed, they felt the heartbreak that Omega Esports experienced after the match concluded. According to Light, “when I look at E2MAX, I know that he really wants to defend the title.”

RSG PH will be facing RRQ Hoshi for the second time in the Grand Finals match in the MSC 2022. The match between the two strongest regions in the MLBB esports scene shall be an interesting story to follow.

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