RRQ's New Wild Rift Team Roster Officially Announced


RRQ's New Wild Rift Team Roster Officially Announced

John Dave Rossel
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RRQ announced its five-man Wild Rift lineup.
Former Liyab Esports pro player, Exosen joined the new RRQ Wild Rift team roster.
The team is composed of the pro players Chaazz, Helios, Exosen, Marky, and Maze.

Shortly after acquiring the former Liyab Esports pro player and Mid Laner Eric "Exosen" Allen Gubatan, RRQ (Rex Regum Qeon) announced its revamped League of Legends (LoL): Wild Rift team roster. The announcement was made through the official social media handles of RRQ Philippines (PH), revealing its five-man squad. With the recent departure of one of its pro players Sean “Hide” Baguino, RRQ hopes to bounce back into the Wild Rift esports scene with the guidance of the veteran player Exosen. He was a LoL PC esports pro player before transitioning over to Wild Rift and has a considerable amount of experience in the LoL PC esports scene.

RRQ reveals new five-man Wild Rift lineup

The Indonesia-based esports organization, RRQ, announced its new addition to its PH Wild Rift team. The announcement was made through a Facebook post on 2nd Nov 2021, revealing that the former Liyab Esports talent Exosen will serve as RRQ’s new mid laner.

Shortly after the big announcement, the organization revealed its new lineup which comprises of the following members;

  • Charles “Chaazz” Roman Esguerra - Jungle Lane

  • Sean Khierby “Helios” Miranda Palisoc - Baron Lane

  • Eric "Exosen" Allen Gubatan - Mid Lane

  • Marc “Marky” Ilagan - Dragon Lane

  • Mark Jentry “Maze” Peñafuerte Galang - Support

Not much has changed in the RRQ lineup. The team’s former Mid Laner, Helios, will now play in Baron Lane in exchange for the new Mid Laner, Exosen.

The team’s former Baron Laner, Hide, left RRQ’s Wild Rift lineup on 29th Nov 2021. This means that the team currently has no reserved players.

As one of the pioneers of the LoL PC esports scene in the Philippines, Exosen is one of the most experienced players in the region. The pro player has been playing since 2012 and was on various teams of the likes of Mineski, Manila Eagles, and Liyab Esports.

Exosen quickly transitioned to Wild Rift under the Liyab Esport’s lineup where the team’s performance was up to the mark. However, the team only had one championship title which is the Metro Manila Bakbakan, and is yet to secure more titles.

The veteran pro player then transitioned over to RRQ on 2nd Nov 2021 where he is looking forward to making history under his new team of well-established PH pro players.

It will be interesting to see if Helios adapts well in his new role as Baron Laner and if the acquisition of Exosen improves the team’s performance in future Wild Rift tournaments.

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