Ronak is Back: Joins Pride Officials

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Harpreet Singh "Ronak" Janjuha joins PRIDE OFFICIALS as a content creator, marking a new chapter in his gaming career.
Ronak expressed his struggles and uncertainties during the period of limited information about the game's return but found renewed hope and motivation with his affiliation with PRIDE OFFICIALS.
Ronak made a comeback on YouTube, took a trip down memory lane, and reassured fans about his previous affiliations, while teasing surprises and eagerly awaiting the official release of BGMI.

Harpreet Singh "Ronak" Janjuha, recently made a significant announcement regarding his professional career in the gaming industry. In a recent Instagram post, he confirmed his affiliation with PRIDE OFFICIALS as a content creator, marking a new chapter in his journey. Ronak, who has previously been associated with esteemed organizations such as SouL, Fnatic, and Skylightz Gaming, has gained recognition as an esports athlete, particularly in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) competitions.

The news of Ronak joining PRIDE OFFICIALS brought a wave of excitement among his followers. Ronak expressed his enthusiasm for actively rejoining the gaming community and his eagerness to engage with his audience once again and stated that this new affiliation with PRIDE OFFICIALS has provided him with renewed hope and motivation for his potential return to the game.

YouTube Comeback: Ronak Relives Memories, Teases Surprises, and Anticipates BGMI Release

Ronak acknowledged his own struggles with content creation during the period when little information was available about the return of the game. “I was very close to give up the hope and try something else, thank god due to the announcement, I could see a ray of  hope. I was very close to quitting youtube with another things all together,” he said. 

During a recent livestream on YouTube, marking his comeback after a five-month hiatus, Ronak took a trip down memory lane, revisiting old clips and sharing his plans for the future. When questioned about the possibility of becoming an esports athlete for PRIDE OFFICIALS, Ronak clarified that his current role is that of a Content Creator. He emphasized the importance of waiting for the game to return before considering competitive esports. Ronak also took the opportunity to address his fans, reassuring them that there were no underlying issues with his previous affiliations with 8bit Creatives or Animesh "Thug" Agarwal.

Looking ahead, Ronak believes that the BGMI esports scene will witness an influx of organizations and teams once the roadmaps and tournament details are revealed. He hinted at a surprise in store for his audience, teasing its arrival within the next two to three days.

The community eagerly awaits the official release of BGMI and is particularly interested in Ronak's next steps. His affiliation with PRIDE OFFICIALS marks an exciting development in his career, bringing anticipation and curiosity among his followers.

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