Revamped M3 Estes Blacklist International Skin Revealed by Data Miners


Revamped M3 Estes Blacklist International Skin Revealed by Data Miners

John Dave Rossel
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The M3 Estes Blacklist International skin has been revamped.
The new skin is a combination of diamond, silver and black with an animation that references the iconic OhMyV33NUS pose.
Moonton has officially revealed the price of the skin along with an in-game event that offers a discounted price.

The revamped version of the M3 Estes Blacklist International skin has been revealed by data miners ahead of its release. Moonton previously received feedback from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) community for the seemingly lackluster design of the third M-World series skin. Following this, the publisher collaborated with the Blacklist International squad to revamp the skin design and make it in line with what the community wanted. The new design has been leaked by data miners along with its skin animation preview and in-game ability effects. The release date and price of the skin has been revealed by Moonton.

M3 Estes Blacklist International skin revealed with stunningly new design and effects

When the M3 World Championship skin for Blacklist International was revealed, a lot of MLBB celebrities shared their thoughts about the design. Even the iconic duo of Jonmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna and Danerie James "Wise" Del Rosario (also known as the “V33Wise” duo) had mixed reactions to the skin. The MLBB esports caster Frederick Handy "Mirko" Loho suggested that the skin could be better if it was inspired by the likeness of OhMyV33NUS.

Moonton heard the community feedback and revamped the skin by following some of the suggestions. Through a YouTube video by Whiz Super, the skin has shifted from a Golden design to a much more elegant diamond and black combination.

The skin animation also pays tribute to the renowned master of the hero Estes, OhMyV33NUS, as it includes an animation where Estes does the iconic pose whilst holding a crown and saying “I must break the code.”

M3 Estes Blacklist International skin release date and price

Starting 11th August, an in-game event shall be held where players get a chance to purchase the skin for as low as 499 Diamonds. Simply complete event tasks to reduce the price of the skin.

The new M3 Blacklist International Estes skin will also go on sale for 629 Diamonds from 18th - 25th August.

From 25th August onwards, the skin will be sold at its original price of 899 diamonds.

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