Renejay Reveals Why He Wants to Join Blacklist International


Renejay Reveals Why He Wants to Join Blacklist International

John Dave Rossel
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RENEJAY revealed in a recent vlog that he will only join Blacklist International and no other team.
RENEJAY stated that he either joins Blacklist International or stays under Nexpay Esports.
RENEJAY's transfer is yet to be confirmed by Nexplay Esports.

Nexplay EVOS’ iconic EXP Laner Renejay "RENEJAY" Barcase revealed why he wants to join Blacklist International if ever given the opportunity to join another team. The pro player explained that he would either join the Codebreakers or stay under the White Tigers as he refuses to join other teams. According to RENEJAY, he wants a team who won’t abuse his influence in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene and he thinks Blacklist International is the only team he can trust other than Nexplay EVOS. While the star EXP Laner revealed his interest in joining a new team, his transfer is yet to be officially confirmed.

RENEJAY stands firm on his decision to only join Blacklist International or stay under Nexplay EVOS

The recent rumors about RENEJAY allegedly in talks of joining the world champion caliber team Blacklist International have been one of the hottest topics in the MLBB community. Through one of Setsuna "DOGIE" Ignacio’s vlogs, the star EXP Laner revealed that he does intend to join the Codebreakers if given the chance but it is not for him to decide.

“Of course, I just follow the contract we signed,” said RENEJAY.

According to DOGIE, the final call on whether RENEJAY will transfer to another team will depend on Dale Lopez, the manager of Nexplay Esports. When asked if he had other options to join a new team, the star EXP Laner responded that he is set on joining only Blacklist International and no other team.

“Blacklist, for others I’m not sure because I’m having second thoughts,” said RENEJAY.

The EXP Laner added that the main reason he doesn’t trust other esports organizations is because he doesn’t want to be used merely as a marketing tool.

“Not to brag, but of course I’m popular and I don’t like the feeling of being used,” explained RENEJAY. “I like it good just like us [here at Nexplay] and for other orgs, I don’t trust them.”

According to DOGIE, “it’s either Blacklist or you stay in Nexplay.” However, the transfer is yet to be confirmed so fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.

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