Regaltos Makes a Stealthy Comeback: Playing Competitive Scrims Incognito

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Regaltos is playing scrims under a different name.&nbsp;</p></div>
Regaltos is playing scrims under a different name.&nbsp;
S8UL Esports streamer Regaltos is allegedly playing in competitive scrims under a secret identity, generating excitement among fans.
The revelation of his secret identity came during a livestream hosted by S8UL Esports co-founder Goldy, who emphasized keeping the name and specific scrims undisclosed.
Regaltos plans to return to esports, focusing on practicing, pushing his rank with a team of random players, and making a comeback to the competitive scene, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next move.

Popular S8UL Esports streamer and content creator Parv "Regaltos" Singh has allegedly been playing in competitive scrims under a secret identity. Once a professional athlete for Team Soul in the Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) lineup, Regaltos took a break from competitive esports to focus on streaming and content creation. However, with the game's return after nine months, fans were thrilled to see him back in action, but this time he may be playing under a different name.

The revelation of Regaltos' secret identity came during a livestream hosted by Lokesh "Goldy" Jain, co-founder of S8ul Esports. Goldy disclosed that Regaltos had been participating in scrims but chose to remain anonymous. He emphasized that he wouldn't disclose the name under which Regaltos was playing or the specific scrims he was involved in.

Esports Star Regaltos Plays Undercover in Scrims: Stealth Mode Activated

Recently, Regaltos shared his plans of returning to esports, but he emphasized taking his time to practice and prepare. He expressed his intention to convert his initial practice sessions into rank pushing and then transition into competitive play. In a surprising move, he formed a team of random players to push his rank alongside him. In an Instagram story, Regaltos confirmed his return to playing scrims.

During a stream with Goldy, Regaltos revealed that his preparations for competitive esports were going well. However, Goldy maintained secrecy about the scrims Regaltos was participating in. Another player, Mrinmoy "Mercy" Lahkar, disclosed that Regaltos was playing under a different name. Fans were delighted to witness Regaltos' return to scrims and eagerly expressed their happiness.

Regaltos has had affiliations with Team 8bit and Team Soul in the past. During the game's ban, he kept his audience entertained by streaming games like VALORANT and GTA RolePlay. Now that BGMI is back, Regaltos has resumed streaming the game on his YouTube channel, which boasts over 2.2 million subscribers. Fans are not only thrilled to see him playing his favorite game again, but they are also eagerly anticipating his competition against top-tier professional teams.

Although Regaltos currently has no confirmed plans to join a competitive lineup, his focus is on regaining his previous form and establishing himself as a formidable player once more. By participating in scrims under a secret identity, he aims to fine-tune his skills and make a resounding comeback to the competitive scene. Fans can't wait to see what his next move will be.

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