Regaltos to make an esports comeback.

Regaltos Is Ready to Return to BGMI Esports

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Regaltos has expressed his strong desire to make a comeback to esports. He aims to dedicate himself to extensive practice before returning to competitive play.
By focusing on pushing rank initially and forming a team of random players, he demonstrates his commitment to ensuring a strong return to the competitive scene.

Parv "ReGaLToS" Singh, who is currently a content creator and streamer for S8UL Esports, has caught the attention of fans as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) gears up for its highly anticipated comeback. ReGaLToS used to be a part of Team SouL, where he represented India on the global stage. With the prospect of the game's return, enthusiasts are turning their gaze back to seasoned players, hoping to see their triumphant return. Among these hopefuls is ReGaLToS, who had previously shifted his focus to content creation and streaming. Recently, Regaltos expressed his strong desire to make a comeback to esports, igniting excitement among his dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting his return to the server.

During a recent livestream, Regaltos shared his cautious approach to his comeback, emphasizing the significance of thorough preparation and the avoidance of hasty decisions. Recognizing the need for comprehensive practice, he plans to dedicate himself to refining his gameplay before venturing into competitive tournaments. His ultimate goal is to regain his competitive edge, ensuring he is well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Regaltos on Practice and Forming a Team.

Speaking about his practice regimen and his plans for forming a team, Regaltos explained, "Before getting into competitive, I want to do some practice. I am planning to convert the initial practice to rank push and then I'll try." Regaltos has decided to form a team composed of random players. He believes that playing with friends might hinder his progress in climbing the ranks, stating, "I'll play with randoms. If I play with my friends, then my rank will certainly drop." This showcases his unwavering dedication to his comeback journey.

Regaltos candidly conveyed his priorities, emphasizing the importance of practice before immersing himself in the competitive scene once again. While fans eagerly anticipate his official announcement and the unveiling of his new competitive journey, they remain confident in his abilities and eagerly look forward to witnessing his triumphant return to the world of BGMI esports. For now, Regaltos' focus lies on intensive practice, rank pushing, and assembling a team that will assist him in reclaiming his position among the country’s elite BGMI competitors.

The combination of Regaltos' passion for the game and his unwavering commitment to honing his skills has left the community eagerly anticipating his comeback and the impact he will undoubtedly make in the realm of esports once again.

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