PUBG Mobile x Ducati: Skins, Release Date, and More Details

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PUBG Mobile x Ducati: Skins, Release Date, and More


PUBG Mobile x Ducati

PUBG Mobile has now confirmed their collaboration with Ducati with an official tweet, featuring the Ducati Panigale V4S.
The collaboration will likely introduce popular Ducati models as purchasable skins in the game.
The collaboration event goes live on May 19 featuring two upgradable legendary and a mythic skin.

The Patch 2.6 update for PUBG Mobile released on 17 May, bringing an array of fresh content to the game.. However, there was a notable absence of any content related to rumors about a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and  superbike-manufacturer Ducati. Nevertheless, the game’s developers have now addressed the speculation by confirming the PUBG Mobile x Ducati collaboration. As a result, players can expect to see Ducati-themed skins added to the game in the near future. 

PUBG Mobile x Ducati: Skins and Tiers

Based on the leaks on YouTube, a couple of legendary skins will be added to the collaboration event along with the Ducati Panigale V4S. Furthermore, there will also be a Mythic skin for the superbike.

Unfortunately, this means that the collaboration doesn’t bring much to the plate for free-to-play players. Needless to say, just like previous promotional skins, Ducati skins too will cost a substantial amount of in-game currency, let alone upgrading their appearance to the highest tiers. However, players may remain hopeful to get their hands on some time-limited rare items or event related skins that can be collected from the event page. 

PUBG Mobile x Ducati: Release Date

According to the official post, the Ducati partnership will be made live in PUBG Mobile worldwide on May 19 so players can ride "this luxury racing bike to the battlegrounds." However, PUBG Mobile is yet to confirm any related in-game content to this except for the image of the Ducati Panigale V4S that has been featured on the Tweet. 

This development is just the latest in PUBG Mobile’s increasing promotional collaborations with iconic automotive brands including the likes of Lamborghini, Tesla and McLaren. Prior to this, the developers had partnered with Yamaha in 2022 to launch themed skins. 

Apart from automobile manufacturers, the developers had introduced exciting events as part of collaborations with film franchises such as Resident Evil, Godzilla, Mission: Impossible - Fallout and television series like The Walking Dead and Arcane. Last year, they also partnered with K-Pop sensation, BLACKPINK to introduce a never before seen, in-game concert. 

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