PUBG Mobile Air Drop Carnival Event: How to Get Free Emotes, Outfits and More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>PUBG Mobile Air Drop Carnival Event: How to Get Free Emotes, Outfits and More</p></div>
PUBG Mobile Air Drop Carnival Event: How to Get Free Emotes, Outfits and More


PUBG Mobile

Team missions, Synergy Party, and levels of rewards await in Air Drop Carnival!
Exchange Air Drop Tokens for exclusive outfits, UC vouchers, emotes, and more rewards!

PUBG Mobile enthusiasts, the wait is over as the highly anticipated Air Drop Carnival event is now in full swing, running from August 4th to August 20th, 2023. This engaging event features the return of Alan Walker, the renowned DJ and music producer, as the ambassador, accompanied by his latest track "Land of Heroes." With missions, rewards, and exclusive experiences, the Air Drop Carnival is set to be an electrifying addition to the PUBG Mobile universe.

Everything about PUBG Mobile Air Drop Carnival Event

The Air Drop Carnival comes packed with an array of enticing bonuses to enhance your PUBG Mobile experience:

  1. Ranked Team-Up Rating Protection: For your first two ranked matches played with friends each day, your rating remains unaffected even if you meet an early demise. This Tier Protection ensures that points aren't lost due to an unfortunate start.

  2. Ranked Team-Up Double Like: Garner double Popularity from likes during the initial two ranked matches played with friends daily, boosting your in-game presence.

  3. Ranked Team-Up Bonus Points: Secure +10 rating points for finishing in the Top 30 during the first two ranked matches played with friends daily.

  4. Ranked Team-Up Double Synergy: Get double Synergy points for the first two ranked matches played with friends daily, enhancing your collaborative efforts.

  5. Ranked Team-Up Double Challenge: Earn double Challenge Points during the first two ranked matches played with friends each day, swiftly accumulating these points for Tier Protection.

How to Participate?

To engage in ranked matches within the Air Drop Carnival event, simply click on the designated "Air Drop Carnival" button upon launching the game. This opens up a range of options:

  1. Team Shared Missions: Active from August 4th to August 17th, this segment calls for forming a duo or squad team and completing missions together to collect Air Drop Tokens, the event's currency for rewards.

  2. Lv 1 (Reward redemption tab): As you earn tokens through matches, your level will incrementally rise. At Level 1, you can redeem enticing rewards such as vouchers, crates, and more.

  3. Summer Synergy Party: Showcasing your networking skills, this phase prompts you to build Synergy Points with friends. Forge a partnership and earn up to 400 Air Drop Tokens.

Claiming theRewards: A Glimpse into the Treasures

The Air Drop Carnival ensures that players are lavishly rewarded as they progress through the event's levels:

  • Level 1: Exchange 200 tokens for a choice between 30 UC Hola Buddy Voucher, 30 UC Marmoris X-Suit Voucher, 1 Premium Crate Coupon, 2 Classic Crate Coupons, or 4 Supply Crate Coupons.

  • Level 2: Unlock a range of emotes for your characters.

  • Level 3: Discover Character vouchers, Royale Pass points, Silver Fragments, and more.

  • Level 4: Obtain Popularity items to bestow upon your friends.

  • Level 5: The pinnacle of rewards, featuring a Legendary Outfit Set with three options for dresses and headgear.

Maximize Your Air Drop Carnival Experience: Top Strategies

  • Focus on Team Shared Missions to amass Air Drop Tokens through collaborative gameplay.

  • Elevate your crates' levels by undertaking easier team missions, such as sharing your player card in chat channels.

  • Amplify your Synergy Points by teaming up with friends and exchanging likes and BP after every match.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for the Super AirDrop upgrade during the event's final three days, ensuring superior rewards.

  • Repeatedly log in to make the most of your Air Drop Tokens and optimize your rewards.

Embark on the Air Drop Carnival journey, where exhilarating gameplay meets generous rewards. Team up with your friends, complete missions, and secure your place in PUBG Mobile history. The Land of Heroes awaits your conquest!

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