PUBG Mobile: New X-Suit introduces Exclusive Glide Effect along with Magical Perks

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>PUBG Mobile: Marmoris X-Suit introduces Exclusive Glide Effect along with Magical Perks</p></div>
PUBG Mobile: Marmoris X-Suit introduces Exclusive Glide Effect along with Magical Perks


PUBG Mobile

Marmoris X-Suit debuts with 7 upgradable forms and Exclusive glide effect.

The long-awaited Marmoris X-Suit makes its debut in PUBG Mobile from August 4th to October 5th. This new addition to the X-Suit collection introduces an exclusive glide effect, complemented by the enchanting Bejeweled Pearl Glider.

Marmoris X-Suit and its Upgradable Forms

Similar to other X-Suits, the Marmoris X-Suit features seven upgradable forms that players can purchase by spending UC. Upgrading the X-Suit adds more layers to its aesthetics, creating a rewarding and engaging experience for players fortunate to wield this extraordinary suit.

Graceful Gliding with Exclusive Animation

The Marmoris X-Suit sets itself apart with an exclusive glide animation, allowing players to soar through the skies like graceful mermaids, adding a fairy tale charm to their battlefield movements. The Bejeweled Pearl Glider perfectly complements the X-Suit, further enhancing elegance.

Exclusive Interactions and Lobby Entry Animation

Alongside the awe-inspiring X-Suit, players can indulge in unique interactions specific to the Marmoris X-Suit. Additionally, a captivating lobby entry animation immerses players further into the world of PUBG Mobile, adding to the allure of this extraordinary character.

Dominance in Cheer Park and Spawn Island

At the peak of its power, the Marmoris X-Suit's 7-Star form allows players to summon a magnificent statue in both Cheer Park and Spawn Island, marking its indomitable presence and instilling fear in rivals.

The Origins of Marmoris

The Marmoris X-Suit embodies the powerful entity, Marmoris, hailing from another world, with an intrinsic connection to marine life. Despite her sweet and mysterious appearance, she transforms into a formidable force on the battlefield when threatened, leaving enemies in awe of her immense power.

Although the X-suit brings interesting addition to the battlegrounds, according to many, it still pales into comparison when compared to the grandeur of its predecessors like the Pharaoh X-Suit. PUBG Mobile currently feature a roster of X-Suits but there's only few with female skins. Even though the skin falls back in terms of mere appearance, the animations and exclusive emotes definitely adds a new flare to a player's collection.

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