Pokemon UNITE Unveils New Pokemon Azumarill


Pokemon UNITE Unveils New Pokemon Azumarill

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Azumarill will be released in Pokemon UNITE on 7th April.
Azumarill is an All-Rounder Water/Fairy type Pokemon.
Detailed descriptions of Azumarill's Abilities in Pokemon UNITE are yet to be revealed.

A new Pokemon named Azumarill will be released in Pokemon UNITE on 7th April. The new Pokemon is a Water/Fairy type that has a wide range of Area of Effect (AoE) attacks and is classified as an All-Rounder. The new Pokemon will add diversity to the pool of flexible type Pokemon who serve as durable frontline tanks and also as damage dealers. A character spotlight for Azumarill has been revealed on the official social media handles of Pokemon UNITE, giving players an idea of the upcoming Pokemon’s set of abilities. However, the detailed descriptions for each of the abilities of Azumarill in Pokemon UNITE are yet to be revealed.

Azumarill in Pokemon UNITE

The new All-Rounder type Pokemon, Azumarill will soon be added to the game on 7th April at 5:00 PM (PDT). However, the release date may be subject to change by the developers.

As an All-Rounder type, the new Pokemon may have balanced stats of offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing it to be flexible on the battlefield. In the trailer, Azumarill is seen using its abilities, giving players a sneak peek at what the Pokemon is capable of.

The first move that Azumarill showed highly resembles the Aqua Tail move which may be one of his basic abilities in the game. The second move shows water blades spinning around Azumarill which may resemble the Whirlpool move. The third move shows Azumarill dashing toward an opponent and bombarding it with multiple attacks which may resemble the Play Rough move.

Pokemon UNITE shall probably reveal more information about the upcoming Pokemon in the coming days. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates on the in-depth descriptions of Azumarill’s abilities.

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