Pokemon Unite India Open 2022 National Finals: Teams, Result, Schedule, Format

Everything about the National Finals of Pokemon Unite India Open 2022.

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Pokemon Unite India Open 2022 National Finals: Complete Details


The top four teams from Pokemon Unite India Open 2022 will be competing at the Skyesports Championship 4.0.
These teams will take on each other in front of a live audience on 24th December at NESCO, Goregaon, Mumbai.
The grand finals of both CS:GO and Dota 2 events will also be a part of this tournament.

Pokemon Unite India Open 2022 by Skyesports is the biggest tournament for the title to take place in India, featuring a total prize pool of INR 22,50,000 ($27,165 USD) and its final stage is set to take place on LAN as part of the Skyesports Championship 4.0 in Mumbai.

After three stages, Zonal Qualifiers, Zonal Finals, and National Playoffs, the top four teams have been obtained and they will be taking on each other in the National Finals that is scheduled to take place on 24th December.

Here is everything you need to know about the Skyesports Pokemon Unite India Open 2022 National Finals which will take place alongside the Dota 2 and CS:GO grand final events.

Note: To take a look at the National Playoffs: Group Stage, click here. To take a look at the National Playoffs: Top Eight, click here.

Pokemon Unite India Open 2022 National Finals: Complete Details

The entire Pokemon Unite tournament has been divided into multiple stages, giving registered teams a chance to go up against invited teams by making their way up the ladder.

Qualified Teams

The National Playoffs: Group Stage started with a total of 14 teams, eight direct invites and six teams qualifying through various zone. From here, eight teams qualified ahead to the double-elimination brackets and now only the four finalists remain.

Pokemon Unite India Open 2022 - Teams qualified for LAN

Results and Schedule

Majority of the double-elimination bracket has been played out with only the last four matches remaining,

  • Lower Bracket Semifinal - S8UL Esports vs Marcos Esports

  • Upper Bracket Final - Gods Reign vs Revenant Esports

  • Lower Bracket Final - Gods Reign vs S8UL Esports

  • Grand Final - Revenant Esports vs Gods Reign


  • National Playoffs had started with 14 teams competing in the Group Stage, split into two groups of seven teams each. With only the top four teams from each group moving ahead, we now have the top eight secured.

  • These eight teams will face each other in a double-elimination bracket where every match will be a best-of-five series, except for the grand final which will host a best-of-seven match.

  • The winner will be crowned as the champion while also walking away with lion's share of the total prize pool.

Prize Pool

The total amount INR 22,50,000 will be split between all the top eight teams based on the overall placement that each team achieves.


All matches between the top eight teams will be livestreamed daily on YouTube in five languages - Hindi, English, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali. Those interested in watching the action unfold can click on the links provided below,

Skyesports: Hindi | English

The best Pokemon Unite teams from across the country have proceeded ahead and made their way to the final stage of this tournament. It will be interesting to see how the matches play out as every team will be looking to put its best foot forward to attain victory.

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