Pokemon UNITE Implements Bug Fixes Tweaks Ranked Matchmaking


Pokemon UNITE Implements Bug Fixes and Tweaks Ranked Matchmaking

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Pokemon UNITE implemented a few bug fixes to the game.
Pokemon UNITE also tweaked its ranked games matchmaking system.
Poekmon UNITE is working on fixing some of the visual bugs.

Pokemon UNITE responded to fan concerns and released bug fixes for the mobile MOBA title. The fixes were added on 7th December which also tweaked the matchmaking system for ranked games. The game continues to receive constant updates to fix bugs and provide a fair environment for players of all skill levels. The developers announced that they are working on fixing a visual bug in the game and may release a small bug fix update soon. Pokemon UNITE has a lot in store for players for the month of December like the winter-themed battle pass, event missions, and custom game modes.

Pokemon UNITE releases bug fixes and ranked matchmaking changes

Pokemon UNITE released a small update which fixes a few bugs in the game. The list of bug fixes were announced on the official Twitter account.

The update was added on 7th December at 11:00 PM (PT). Here are the following bug fixes and balance changes added to Pokemon UNITE;

  • Matchmaking: Fixed ranking differences being too large between players.

  • Rapid-Fire Scarf: Fixed a bug that affects specific Pokémon.

  • Urshifu: Fixed a bug regarding the charged state of Wicked Blow.

  • Snorlax: Fixed a bug where the effect of Block+ was the same as Block.

The Matchmaking system for ranked games was tweaked to prevent high rank players from being matched against lower ranked players as it was resulting in unfair matchups. Now, random teams will have a much more balanced composition of players with the same skill range.

Pokemon UNITE also revealed in its Twitter post that it is working on fixing a visual bug regarding the interface that reveals a Trainer’s favorite Pokemon. Players can expect this issue to be fixed as soon as possible.

Pokemon UNITE has been quite active in fixing game breaking bugs . There are still a few more concerns from fans regarding unfixed issues in the game. These issues will be resolved given how active the developers are at addressing player concerns.

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