PMPL South Asia Championship Set to Resume Amidst Improved Political Climate

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>PMPL South Asia Championship to be played this week after Political tension lessens in Pakistan</p></div>

PMPL South Asia Championship to be played this week after Political tension lessens in Pakistan


PMPL South Asia

The high-stakes finals were postponed due to Internet downtime faced by Pakistani players as the nation went through a national crisis.
The grand finals feature 16 professional PUBG Mobile teams participating from Mongolia, Nepal and Pakistan.
The winners of the championship will get direct seeding to PMWI 2023 that boasts a prize pool of $3 million USD.

PUBG Mobile teams from all across South Asia fought and seeded themselves at the PMPL South Asia Championship where the top 16 teams were supposed to lock horns for a slot at the prestigious annual event - PUBG Mobile World League 2023. However, the high-stakes finals that were scheduled for May 11th to 14th, were disrupted due to increased political tension in Pakistan which saw internet access being shut down across major cities of the country. Owing to this, the PMPL South Asia Championship matches for the six Pakistani teams who were due to participate in the grand finals, were postponed. However, Tencent has finally announced that matches for the grand finals will now resume from 25th May with all the previously qualified teams.

Tencent announces dates for PMPL South Asia Spring 2023 Finals

As Pakistan was going through a national crisis at the time, players reported downtime with their internet access. To maintain fair play and competitive integrity, the tournament officials posted an update on their social media handles on May 11th, stating that the grand finals are postponed until further notice.

After almost two weeks of no updates on the matter, the officials finally broke their silence this week by posting “Well, the wait is now over. Mark your calendars For the FINALS of 2023 PMPL SAC Spring. When? May 25th - 28th”.

The Spring 2023 season of PMPL Pakistan saw teams participating from Nepal, Mongolia and Pakistan. Although it features a lucrative prize pool of $150,000 USD, the real prize here is the tickets to PMWI 2023 which features an enormous prize pool of $3 million USD.

The PMPL South Asia Championship Spring 2023 so far

Unlike the previous iterations, the PMPL South Asia Championship featured a league stage. Although Pakistani teams had a good start there, favorites from Mongolia and Nepal still left them in the dust by the end of the week. Two promising Pakistani teams - 3x Esports and 52 Esports have already exited the competition while all the other Pakistani teams fought their way to the finals with placements between the 11th to 16th spots on the points table. The Mongolian giants - Stalwart Esports, are leading the charts once again, and there seems to be no match for them except for their regional rivals 4 Merical Vibes.

PUBG Mobile Teams who are qualified for the Grand Finals of PMPL South Asia 2023

Here is the list of teams who have seeded themselves in the finals

  1. Stalwart Esports

  2. 4Merical Vibes

  3. Mabetex Esports

  4. High Voltage

  5. DRS Gaming

  6. T2K

  7. LEO Esports

  8. IHC Esports

  9. Illumin8 Crew

  10. NB Esports

  11. Quantum Rage

  12. TUF Esports

  13. AgonXi8

  14. Magnus Esports

  15. R3gicide

  16. Seventh Element

Schedule and Format of PMPL South Asia Grand Finals

There are four days of matches scheduled from May 25th to May 28th. A total of 20 matches will be played across three classic maps - Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. The team with the most points after four days will lift the trophy of South Asia Championship along with the lion's share of the prize money. Although only the champion will get direct seeding to the PMWI main-event, fans can also vote for their favorite South Asia team to appear in the All-Stars stage of PMWI 2023. 

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