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PMGC 2023 Qualified Teams and Slot Distribution Revealed

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PMGC 2023 will start on 2nd November with 51 teams including 48 teams in the league stage and 3 teams directly invited to the Grand Finals.
Among all the regions, South East Asia has been given the most number of 11 slots.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) is the final event of the PUBG Mobile competitive season. The PMGC 2023 event will commence on 2nd November.

The competitive season has now ended and the teams qualified for the event have been revealed. The tournament will have 51 total teams with 48 teams competing in the league stage and 13 will proceed to the Grand Finals. The event's Grand Final will have 16 teams including 13 teams from the league stage and 3 teams directly invited to the Grand Finals.

Teams qualified for PMGC 2023 and slot distribution

South East Asia: This region has been granted a total of 11 slots. PMSL SEA Fall accounts for 6 of these slots, while Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and SEA Wild Card each secure 1 slot.

South Asia: South Asia is allocated 6 slots, distributed among Pakistan and South Asia, each receiving 1 slot, and 4 slots designated for SA Championship Fall.

Middle East and Africa: The Middle East and Africa region also boasts 6 slots, with 4 slots designated for MEA Championship Fall and 1 slot each allocated to Africa and Arabia.

Europe: Europe has been assigned 7 slots in total. The majority, 5 slots, are reserved for EU Championship Fall, while Europe and Turkiye each hold 1 slot.

Americas: Similarly, the Americas region is granted 7 slots, with 4 slots assigned to AM Championship Fall, and 1 slot each designated for Latin America, Brazil, and North America.

China: China has been allotted 3 slots in the event.

South Korea/Japan: This region secures 3 slots, with Japan and South Korea both receiving 2 slots each, and KR vs JP being given 1 slot.

In addition to these regional allocations, the event also includes Global Invite-only slots, with 1 slot reserved for the PMWI winners, awarded to the champion region, and 2 special invite slots.

These are the teams that are known to us that have qualified for the PMGC 2023 event:

  • SEA Super League qualified teams: Alter Ego Ares, Faze Clan, Bigetron Red Aliens, Xerxia Esports, Morph GPX, SEM9. 

  • South Asia Championship: 4Merical Vibes, NB Esports, IHC Esports, Seventh Element.

  • PEL Summer 2023: Team Weibo, Tianba.

  • PEL Qualifier: Six Two Eight.

  • PMPS 2023 S3: Duksan Esports.

  • Korea Points: Dplus.

  • Indonesia: Persija Evos.

  • Thailand: Vampire Esports

  • Malaysia: Yoodo Alliance 

  • Vietnam: D’Xavier

  • SEA Wildcard: Genesis Esports

  • South Asia: Stalwart Esports

  • Pakistan: AGONxi8 Esports

  • Arabia: Nigma Galaxy

  • Africa: Falcons White

  • North America: N Hyper Esports

  • Brazil: Loops Esports

  • PMWI Champions Region: HAIL Esports

Teams that have qualified from the Europe region are yet to be revealed and the same is the case with some other regions like Latin America, Japan and the MEA Championship. 

Two other ‘special invites’ are also expected to make it to the tournament. Details of these invites are yet to be announced, but many speculate that it will be handed to the winners and runner ups of the ongoing BGIS tournament.

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