Must-Know Tips and Tricks to Dominate Classic Mode in PUBG Mobile 2.8: Zombie's Edge

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Must-Know Tips and Tricks to Dominate Classic Mode in PUBG Mobile 2.8: Zombie's Edge</p></div>
Must-Know Tips and Tricks to Dominate Classic Mode in PUBG Mobile 2.8: Zombie's Edge


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Aerolith Lab and Outpost Zones: Explore the eerie darkness and face fierce zombie bosses for rewards.
Mutation Gauntlets and Mutation Blade: Unleash devastating melee attacks and tactical dashes against enemies.
Crossbow Attachment: Tactical Gunpowder Tool introduces explosive bolts, adding new dimensions to combat strategies.

With the release of the 2.8 update came the highly anticipated Zombie's Edge Game Mode, set in the hauntingly atmospheric map of Miramarlivic. In this article, we will explore essential tips and strategies to dominate Classic Mode in PUBG Mobile's Zombie's Edge update.

Exploring Zombie-Themed Locations

  1. Aerolith Lab: The Hot Drop

    Aerolith Lab promises to be the epicenter of action during the Zombie's Edge event. As you drop in, you'll immediately notice a respawn card waiting for you. The dimly lit surroundings create a Night Mode ambiance, setting the stage for intense battles. While it might currently be empty in regular matches, in custom room matches, you'll encounter zombies and have the chance to eliminate them for random loot.

  2. The Aerolith: Power Unleashed

    At the heart of the event area stands a massive rock known as the Aerolith. It has a countdown timer, and as it ticks down, the Aerolith starts absorbing zombies. The more zombies it absorbs, the stronger it becomes. When the timer runs out, the formidable Rage Berserker spawns, serving as the ultimate challenge. While it may take some effort, you can outsmart the Berserker by trapping it, earning you valuable rewards, including level three loot and AirDrop weapons. Additionally, you'll obtain two exciting new items: Mutation Gauntlets and Mutation Blade.

  3. Mutation Gauntlets and Mutation Blade

    Mutation Gauntlets morph your arms into oversized, powerful gauntlets. With these, you can deliver devastating punches to opponents and zombies alike. An ultimate ability allows you to charge up a smash attack for maximum impact.

    Mutation Blade, on the other hand, equips you with a deadly arm blade, enabling sweeping attacks against zombies. You can also perform an ultimate Dash, charging in a chosen direction to damage opponents and quickly traverse terrain, even leaping onto buildings or through windows for surprise attacks.

  4. Outpost Zones: Darkness and Challenges

    As you venture deeper into the map, you'll encounter the Outpost Zones, where darkness reigns, and zombies lurk. At the center of these areas awaits the Zombie Boss, a formidable foe. Defeating this boss will grant you level three loot and possibly the coveted Mutation items.

  5. Maglev Hoverboard: A Unique Find

    One exclusive item in the Zombie's Edge update is the Maglev Hoverboard, which can be found in the Aerolith Lab. This compact vehicle occupies only five inventory slots and can be activated swiftly for fast travel, even over water. With a speed of 90, it's a must-have item for maneuvering the map. It's also capable of performing jumps, offering strategic advantages like reaching rooftops.

Weapon Balance Changes

In this update, several weapons underwent significant changes:

  1. AUG Downgraded:

    The AUG, once a formidable AirDrop weapon, has been downgraded to a regular ground loot item. Its damage has decreased from 43 to 41, making it less of a powerhouse.

  2. Famas Upgraded:

    The Famas, now an AirDrop weapon, received a substantial boost. While its damage is slightly lower at 39, its improved recoil control and handling make it a more reliable choice. This is evident in a side-by-side comparison and the recoil graph.

  3. ACE32 Improvement:

    The ACE32 saw a minor improvement in its recoil pattern, specifically with reduced horizontal recoil. This should enhance its overall handling and accuracy.

  4. Crossbow Attachment: Tactical Gunpowder Tool:

    A new addition to the weapon arsenal is the Crossbow Attachment: Tactical Gunpowder Tool, which can be found in the market. This attachment causes bolts to explode upon impact, introducing new tactical opportunities for players.

The Zombie's Edge update in PUBG Mobile 2.8 has brought significant changes and exciting features to the game. Mastering the new locations, items, and weapon adjustments will be crucial to your success in Classic Mode. With these tips in mind, you'll be well-equipped to dominate the battlegrounds of Miramarlivic and face the zombie hordes with confidence. So, gear up, strategize, and let the adrenaline-fueled action of PUBG Mobile's Zombie's Edge update begin!

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