ONIC Esports Live Press conference Confirms Kairi and Yeb as New Recruits


ONIC Esports Live Press conference Confirms Kairi and Yeb as New Recruits

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ONIC Esports announced Yeb and Kairi as its new recruits for the MPL ID Season 10.
Coach Yeb will be the third coach of ONIC and will be in charge of various aspects. He will be also looking to introduce the Indonesian squad to the PH culture.
Kairi shared eagerness to see Blacklist International's EDWARD competing in Indonesia's MLBB esports scene.

The rumors regarding Coach Paul Denver “Yeb” Miranda and the star jungler Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol joining a team in Indonesia (ID) have finally been confirmed after ONIC Esports Indonesia’s press conference. The press conference revealed Kairi and Yeb would officially be joining the Indonesian division of ONIC Esports. The two players were former members of the esports organization’s Philippines division.

The two shared their excitement in joining the Indonesian squad for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) ID Season 10 and are aiming for a spot in the M4 World Championships with the new lineup.

Kairi invites Edward to join his journey in Indonesia’s MLBB esports scene

Through the ONIC Esports press conference, the two PH professionals Yeb and Kairi shared their roles for their new squad. According to Yeb, he will be the third coach for the esports organization and will be in charge of various aspects, but will be also looking to introduce the Indonesian squad to the PH culture.

“Currently ONIC Indonesia has three coaches, we have different tasks and contribute in different kinds of ways. As a coach from the Philippines, I share my culture, like discipline, etcetera,” he said.

As for Kairi, he will become the team’s new jungler for the upcoming MPL ID Season 10. The pro player stated that he was able to travel to Indonesia thanks to Coach Yeb’s guidance. “I actually got in Indonesia because my parents are okay to let me go due to Coach Yeb. And also, it’s a good opportunity for me to grow and I’m actually very excited for MPL S10 because the meta has changed and I get the chance to face the other junglers in the scene," he stated.

Kairi added that he is interested in joining Indonesia’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene as it is much bigger than the Philippines. “I think I can grow and learn a lot. It’s a good opportunity for me because I haven’t won a championship yet and I want to face the Philippines in M4,” the star jungler said.

When asked which PH pro players would he like to see in Indonesia, Kairi stated that he would want Blacklist International’s iconic EXP Laner Edward "EDWARD" Jay Dapadap as well as his former ONIC PH squad. “I think Edward, but I don’t think he is going to Indonesia, but I want to invite him here. Then, my friends from Onic PH so we can hang out as well and I can fight them in the MPL,” he said.

ONIC Esports Press Conference

With Yeb and Kairi joining forces with one of Indonesia’s powerhouse teams, it will be most interesting to see how the dynamic between an ID and PH pro players meshes and performs in the upcoming MPL ID Season 10.

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