Omega Esports Secures First Win After a Comeback Victory Against Onic PH


Omega Esports Secures First Win After a Comeback Victory Against Onic PH

John Dave Rossel
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Omega Esports secured its first victory after an intense match against ONIC PH in the first day of the MPL PH Season 9 Week 3.
The series extended to a third match where Omega Esports pulled off a surprising comeback victory.
Omega Esports' gold laner, Kelra, is looking forward to facing Nexplay EVOS' gold laner, Donut in the second day of the MPL PH Season 9.

After a two-week losing streak, Omega Esports finally secured its first victory in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9. While ONIC PH put up a solid performance with its relentless team fight dominance, Omega Esports came in clutch in the third match of the series thanks to its gold laner, Grant “Kelra” Duane Pillas who secured a wipeout and opened up a comeback victory for the team. The gold laner also revealed that he is looking forward to facing Nexplay EVOS’ amateur gold laner on the second day of the MPL PH Season 9 Week 3.

Omega Esports secured a comeback victory to seal its first victory in the MPL PH Season 9

With Omega Esports having Dean "Raizen" Christian Sumagui’s Lancelot, the team was able to win in the resource war against ONIC PH. While ONIC PH had the damage advantage in the early game, what they didn’t have was the potential to engage in team fights when they were in advantageous situations. This allowed Omega Esports to takedown opposing pro players one by one which weakened ONIC PH’s formation.

In the second game, despite being 5k gold behind during the late game, ONIC PH held on just long enough for it to gather enough resources to even the odds against Omega Esports. With ONIC PH’s members finally getting their Immortalities and Athena Shields, the team became unstoppable and eventually won the second match of the series.

The third match was an intense showdown between the two teams. While ONIC PH had the early game advantage, Omega Esports’ team composition proved troublesome in team fights. A crucial fight occurred at the 18-minute mark where Omega Esports almost lost its Nexus. However, just when the Nexus only had enough HP to survive one more basic attack, Kelra managed to secure a wipeout on ONIC PH with his Beatrix. Capitalizing on this chance, Omega Esports charged the mid lane and ended the match before ONIC PH could respawn and defend.

Kelra gave way for Omega Esports to make a comeback.

Kelra shares eagerness to face Nexplay EVOS’ Donut in the next match

In the post-match interview, Omega Esports’ star gold laner, Kelra, stated that he is looking forward to facing Nexplay EVOS’ amateur gold laner, Mariusz “Donut” Tan on the second day of the MPL PH Season 9 Week 3.

“I’m excited to go against him (Donut) because they say he’s strong,” said Kelra.

Kelra’s wish to face Donut will be granted soon as Omega Esports is scheduled to face Nexplay EVOS on 5th Mar. The match shall decide who is the better gold laner between the two pro players.

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