TNC Pro Team Gave RSG PH its First Defeat in the MPL PH Season 9


TNC Pro Team Hands RSG PH Its First Loss in MPL PH Season 9

John Dave Rossel
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TNC Pro Team delivered a clean sweep victory against RSG PH.
RSG PH was undefeated until it's huge upset against TNC Pro Team in the third week of the MPL PH Season 9.
According to TNC Pro Team's roamer, Benthings, the team has been very cautious with RSG PH as they are aware of its team fight dominance.

The third week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9 opened with a huge upset as TNC Pro Team gave RSG PH its first clean sweep defeat. RSG PH was one of the teams that finished the second week of the MPL PH Season 9 without a single loss. According to TNC Pro Team’s roamer, Ben “Benthings” Maglaque, they were extremely cautious during their match against RSG PH as the team is known to dominate team fights. This allowed them to be fully prepared whenever RSG PH initiated a team fight because if core members were taken down that could sway the battle in the opponent's favor.

TNC Pro Team dominated RSG PH with a clean sweep victory

During the first game of the series, RSG PH had the upper hand in the early game with seven kills in just 10 minutes. However, TNC Pro Team returned the favor with Mark "Kramm" Genzon Rustana’s Esmeralda opening up team fights for Robee "Yasuwo" Bryan Pormocille’s Clint to capitalize. In less than 20 minutes, TNC Pro Team was able to flip the odds in its favor and secured the first victory of the match series.

RSG PH had the kill advantage but TNC Pro Team managed to secure the win.

The second match did not go so well for RSG PH as they opted for a surprising Cecilion pick for Arvie “Aqua” Antonio. The decision did not bode well as Aqua struggled during the laning phase. TNC Pro Team’s Yasuwo kept racking in kills allowing his power spike to come in sooner than expected. This allowed the team to end the match in less than 15 minutes with a clean sweep victory.

TNC Pro Team Anticipated RSG PH’s team fight prowess

In a post-match interview, the match MVP of TNC Pro Team, Benthings revealed that they have been reviewing RSG PH’s tactics and have observed the team’s dominance in terms of team fights. This allowed TNC Pro Team to anticipate its opponent's next move and gain the advantage.

“We were just prepared. Based on their playstyle, they like to do 5-man team fights so we were always on guard even if there’s nothing happening in the map,” stated Benthings.

With TNC Pro Team back in seconnd place on the week 3 leaderboard, the team will face another challenge this week as they will go up against ONIC PH on 6th March.

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