OhMyV33NUS Comments on the Rise of Filipino Coaching Talent in Foreign Teams

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OhMyV33NUS Comments on the Rise of Filipino Coaching Talent in Foreign Teams

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OhMyV33NUS shared how there is more value in acquiring Filipino coaches than simply having Filipino import players in a foreign team.
The combination of having a PH coach and players as import talents in a team may allow foreign teams to adopt the winning mentality of dominant PH teams.
The recent trend may pose a challenge to PH teams as more foreign teams get to learn more on what makes the Philippines formidable in the MLBB esports scene.

Blacklist International’s iconic roamer Jonmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna shared her thoughts about the ongoing trend of foreign Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) teams acquiring talents from the Philippines (PH). According to her, Indonesian (ID) teams may have finally found the right formula on how to keep up with PH teams. OhMyV33NUS explained how a good Filipino coach would tremendously bolster a team’s performance more than simply acquiring players from the Philippines. This move may pose a threat to the long-standing dominance of PH teams in international tournaments that has persisted since the M2 World Championship.

OhMyV33NUS concerned about the future of PH MLBB esports

In a recent Podcast hosted by Danerie "Wise" Rosario on his official YouTube channel, the spotlight fell on the growing trend of foreign teams in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene, as they actively recruit talent from other regions.

While the trend is not new in the MLBB esports scene, OhMyV33NUS, shed new light on its implications. She shared that foreign teams may have uncovered a winning formula that could challenge the dominance of Philippine (PH) teams on the international stage. Rather than solely focusing on acquiring Filipino players, OhMyV33NUS advocates for a strategic investment in Filipino coaching talent.

In her view, the addition of a Filipino coach holds greater potential to enhance a team's performance than mere player acquisitions.

"They’ll get stronger if they get (PH) players but for me, if they really want to get super strong or if they want to overhaul their system, what they really need to get is a coach," explained OhMyV33NUS.

Expanding on this perspective, OhMyV33NUS emphasizes that while having Filipino import players can offer benefits, the true essence lies in securing an experienced coach.

"If you really want your [organization] to step up or adopt what the PH teams, who are currently dominating, are doing now, you also need to have a [Filipino] coach," the Blacklist International star talent shared.

Illustrating the adoption of this strategy, OhMyV33NUS points out recent instances where Indonesian teams have embraced it, with former RSG PH coach John "Theo" Eusebio joining EVOS Glory (also known as EVOS Legends), and former AP.Bren coach Vrendon "Vren" Pesebre now coaching RRQ Hoshi.

This emerging trend, according to OhMyV33NUS, poses a significant challenge to the ongoing dominance of PH teams in MLBB esports. The incorporation of both a Filipino coach and player, she suggests, serves as a potent strategy to infuse the winning mentality of PH teams into foreign counterparts, potentially reshaping the competitive landscape in the process.

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