Nigma Galaxy and Fennel Adversity to Represent PH in WRL Asia 2023


Nigma Galaxy and Fennel Adversity Shall Represent PH in WRL Asia 2023

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The WRL Asia 2023 - PH Qualifier concluded with Nigma Galaxy being crowned as the champion.
The runner-up team Fennel Adversity will join Nigma Galaxy to represent the Philippines in the upcoming WRL Asia 2023 main event.
The WRL Asia 2023 will kick off in April 2023.

Nigma Galaxy and Fennel Adversity won their tickets to the inaugural League of Legends: Wild Rift League (WRL) Asia 2023 Season 1. A grueling qualifiers tournament, which kicked off on 10th February saw 18 of the best teams from the Philippines (PH) compete for the honor of joining the upcoming Asia league scheduled to be held in April. Nigma Galaxy was the crowned champion of the WRL Asia 2023 Season 1 - PH qualifiers whereas Fennel Adversity was the runner-up.

The WRL Asia 2023 main event features top-tier teams from all over Asia competing for the tournament’s first-ever championship title.

Fennel Adversity joins Nigma Galaxy to compete in WRL Asia 2023

Unlike Nigma Galaxy who received a direct invite straight to Phase two of the tournament, Fennel Adversity had to crawl its way up the Phase 1 open qualifier. The team won its first game with a clean sweep victory but it never got the chance to continue its momentum and was sent down to the lower bracket by The 300 who also later qualified for the second phase of the tournament.

Fennel Adversity dominated the lower bracket with continuous clean sweep victories. Only 8 Adventure Phoenix was able to survive three rounds before eventually losing with a 1-2 score. 

The revamped Fennel Adversity roster suffered a swift defeat at the hands of Nigma Galaxy in its opening match in the second phase. The squad went down to the lower bracket where it faced and defeated G2 Blacklist. It then continued its campaign of dominating the lower bracket matches and earned its runner-up spot after falling to Nigma Galaxy in the grand final.

The WRL Asia 2023 main event will officially kick off on 8th April. Only the last chance qualifier for the Southeast Asia region and the directly invited Korean Wild Rift team is yet to be finalized. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more details in the future.

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