Nexplay EVOS' MP the King Heavily Influenced by Wise's Playstyle

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Nexplay EVOS' MP the King Heavily Influenced by Wise's Playstyle</p></div>

Nexplay EVOS' MP the King Heavily Influenced by Wise's Playstyle


MP the King revealed that his jungle playstyle is based on Wise's playstyle despite the difference in hero pool.
MP the King was crucial to the team's success in taking down ONIC PH in the first week of the MPL PH Season 9.
Blacklist International's dynamic duo OhmyV33nus and Wise were impressed with MP the King's performance in the MPL PH Season 9.

Nexplay EVOS’ latest jungler, Michael "MP the King" Endino reveals that his playstyle is heavily influenced by Blacklist International’s iconic jungler Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario. Through a vlog posted by Nexplay EVOS’ public figure and assistant coach, Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio, MP expressed that he was studying Wise’s jungle playstyle during scrim sessions and applied what he learned to his own playstyle. Despite having a different hero pool compared to Wise, MP managed to derive from Wise and make his newfound playstyle work in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9 against one of the biggest names in the MPL PH esports scene, ONIC PH.

MP the King took inspiration from Wise’s jungle playstyle

During the first week of the MPL PH Season 9, fans observed a very iconic playstyle being used by Nexplay EVOS’ new jungler, MP the King. This playstyle is similar to Wise’s jungle playstyle but the key point to note is that both players have an entirely different hero pool.

Through one of Dogie’s vlogs, MP revealed that he took inspiration from Wise back when Nexplay EVOS and Blacklist International were having scrim sessions. In those games, MP had ample time to study Wise’s rotations and movements to implement them to his own playstyle.

“During M3 (World Championship), we always had scrim sessions (with Blacklist International), and I somehow adapted his (Wise) movements,” he said. “I noticed that his heroes can farm very fast.”

MP added that since Wise’s playstyle intrigued him, he began to adapt it to his own despite having a different hero pool than Blacklist International's star jungler.

This playstyle became crucial for Nexplay EVOS’ run in the first week of the MPL PH Season 9. MP finished with an impressive 6-1-4 KDA during the first game with his Karina and went on to finish with a clean 2-0-0 KDA with his Roger during the second game.

His jungle rotations were on point to the extent that he was able to efficiently farm faster and secure objectives, which in turn helped Nexplay EVOS secure a solid 2-0 victory against the M3 runner-ups, ONIC PH.

V33Wise duo acknowledged MP the King’s impressive performance in the MPL PH Season 9

Even Wise was impressed with MP the King’s performance during the first week of the MPL PH Season 9. This was revealed through a vlog posted by Blacklist International’s support specialist, Jonmar “OhmyV33nus” Villaluna.

“The jungler named MP was good, legit I was surprised. In the first game, I would do the same too (if I was playing),” he said.

OhmyV33nus also echoed Wise’s statement saying that Nexplay EVOS has definitely improved a lot since last year.
“What NXPE (Nexplay EVOS) showed now, is something that would be very exciting to look forward to in the succeeding weeks,” OhmyV33nus said.

More challenging matches await Nexplay EVOS in the second week of the MPL PH Season 9 as they will be facing Blacklist International on 25th Feb and Bren Esports on 27th Feb.

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