Blacklist International Struggles With Team Chemistry Without OhmyV33nus


Blacklist International Looks Shaky Without OhmyV33nus

John Dave Rossel
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Blacklist International reveals that the team is struggling with its team chemistry without OhmyV33nus.
The newly assigned team captain Hadji stated that he is still trying to adjust to his new role in the Blacklist International squad.
The team's jungler, Kevier also revealed that he was nervous in his first MPL match but regained his confidence during the third game of the match series.

Blacklist International had a rough start in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9. The team’s recently assigned team captain, Salic “Hadji” Imam revealed that he is still trying to adjust to his new role as the shotcaller and leader. The absence of Blacklist International’s star players Jonmar “OhmyV33nus” Villaluna and Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario was felt during its match against ONIC PH in the opening match of the MPL PH Season 9. While the defending champions delivered a stellar performance, it was nowhere near as clinical as when the V33Wise duo was spearheading the team in the previous seasons.

Blacklist International squad working to improve its team communication

After losing against ONIC PH in the first match series of the MPL PH Season 9, the Blacklist International squad reflected on what went wrong during the match. Through a post-match press conference, the team revealed that the team is still not used to playing without OhmyV33nus.

“For now, I still can’t lead my team. But maybe as time goes on, I need to study it, I need to make quick decisions in order to lead them, I think that’s it,” stated the freshly minted team captain, Salic “Hadji” Imam.

The team’s star gold laner, Kiel “OHEB” Calvin Soriano revealed that the team got used to OhmyV33nus’ shotcalling and they are finding it hard to adjust their playstyle and team chemistry.

“I don’t think it’s too much pressure for us, it’s just that we had a lot of adjustments regarding our playstyle and comms (communication). Unlike before that we all just listened to V33 (OhmyV33nus), now, everyone had to say something,” stated OHEB

The latest addition to the Blacklist International squad, Kent “Kevier” Lopez, revealed that he felt uncomfortable during the match against ONIC PH as it was his first match in the MLBB professional scene.

“Game 1, of course, I was nervous because it was the first game of the MPL. Then Game 2, it subsided (nervousness) a bit and I just tried my best,” he stated.

Kevier added that the third game was the time he felt comfortable playing competitively as he believed he carried his team in the final game of the match series.

“During game 3, my nervousness disappeared when we won game 2. It felt like I was carrying Blacklist (International) during game 3,” the rookie added.

While Blacklist International was not able to deliver a stellar performance in the opening match, this isn’t the end as the team still has more chances to step up its game. The team shall face off against TNC Pro Team in its next match series in the MPL PH Season 9.

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