There has been significant development in the Valorant Mobile scene and fans are excited.


New Valorant Mobile Images Datamined from Google Play Store

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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There has been significant development in the Valorant Mobile scene and fans are excited.
Leaked images suggest that there was a playtest for the game on the Google Play Store.

Mobile gamers have been chasing updates and news about Valorant mobile for quite some time now. On 19th September, the eager community received some exciting information about Valorant mobile via leaks online. A Twitter account tweeted images of Valorant Mobile which included the login screen and the lobby menu of the game. It is very well known that Riot Games has been working on the mobile version of the hit FPS game and the leaks now suggest that the developers are actively working and testing it.

Leaks about Valorant mobile version

More information about the mobile version of Valorant was datamined and leaked on social media platforms by a Twitter account named Valorant Mobile Intel. According to the leaks, Valorant mobile is currently in a private beta test. Notably, as part of Valorant’s first anniversary celebrations in June 2021, Valorant Mobile was announced by Riot Games. But news about this version has been very scarce.

An array of screenshots uploaded to the Google Play Store were leaked in September. The leaked images of the login screen and the lobby menu bear resemblance to the PC version with similar color schemes and the same Riot Games logo with the only difference being the aspect ratio.

Additionally, another leaker named DannyINTEL shared more images of Valorant Mobile’s Playtest on the Google Play Store. The screenshots shared by this account made it evident that the game is for Android devices and is rated 16+. Additionally, more information read that it was a work-in-progress. It said, “This is a work-in-progress prototype and you are under NDA to not share any information with anyone outside of Riot or the other F&F participants. Good Luck, have fun!

Notably, these are not the first leaks about Valorant Mobile. In April, new leaked images from Valorant mobile’s first test in China surfaced. The loading screen, in-game interface, home screen, and character selection screens were leaked.

Likewise, a new, short gameplay video was also circulated and it offered a glance at how the FPS will look and feel on mobile devices. The video clip showed Jett being played on Ascent and killing an enemy with the pistol.

The clip only shows Jett’s point-of-view (POV) but the game had other agents including Sova, Reyna, and Breach. Riot Games has neither commented nor confirmed this development. However, fans can look out for more news in the coming months with the testing reportedly moved into private beta.

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