MPL ID to Investigate EVOS Legends vs Alter Ego Controversial Playoffs Game


MPL ID to Investigate EVOS Legends vs Alter Ego Controversial Playoffs Game

John Dave Rossel
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Alter Ego’s Rafly Alvareza “Pai” Sudrajat had a technical issue during the decider match against EVOS Legends which sparked quite a controversy.
Despite Pai's hero Phovious being AFK for 20 seconds, the technical pause was not initiated as soon as possible.
MPL ID caster Mirko thinks that this may have been the referee's fault for not paying attention to the match.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) Season 9 is currently in its playoffs stage. However, an unexpected turn of events occurred during the match between EVOS Legends and Alter Ego that sparked quite the controversy. During the most crucial game of the series, Alter Ego’s Rafly Alvareza “Pai” Sudrajat had a technical issue that put them in a bad situation. Fans blamed the tournament organizers for not issuing a technical pause as soon as possible which allegedly led to Alter Ego’s defeat against EVOS Legends. The official page of the MPL ID issued a statement saying that it is currently investigating the incident.

Alter Ego Pai unexpectedly disconnects during Game 5 of the MPL ID Season 9 playoffs match against EVOS Legends

Alter Ego has been struggling to return to its former glory since its last championship run in the MPL Invitational 2020, where it defeated Bren Esports through a clean sweep victory. Heading into the MPL ID Season 9, the team seemed to have found its momentum and secured a playoffs spot.

Facing one of the biggest names in the Mobile Legends esports scene, EVOS Legends, Alter EGO was able to even the odds and opened up a deciding match. The final match saw Alter EGO dominating at the 20-minute mark and was in the midst of its final clash to win the match series. However, Pai encountered a technical issue that forced his hero Phovious to stand still for 20 seconds before a technical pause was initiated.

The caster commented during the match that they could hear loud banging on Alter Ego’s side indicating the frustration that the team was undergoing due to the slow response from the tournament organizers.

The game continued for another 10 minutes. However, Alter Ego lost its momentum and EVOS Legends was able to turn the tides in its favor and secure a win to close the series.

Mirko shared his thoughts regarding the controversial match

One of the MPL ID casters, Handy “Mirko” Loho, shared what happened during the controversial match in the tournament. Through a livestream, the caster stated that it’s still impossible to predict if Alter Ego would’ve won the match even without the technical issue.

“Yes, they would have had an advantage, a very big advantage,” said Mirko. “But would they have won, 100% guaranteed? I can’t say that.”

The MPL ID caster also shared his frustration by saying “It sucks that we won’t know for sure what would have happened if Pai didn’t go AFK [Away From Keyboard].”

Despite the incident, Mirko still believes that a rematch will not be fair for both teams. Despite the technical issue, the caster believes that finishing the match was the right decision.

Brydon "Arashi" Maslimta, who was also on the livestream talking with Mirko, echoed that “Even if we say rematch, that’s another pressure for Alter Ego because they have to control the game again perfectly from the beginning. It’s not exactly fair either and maybe even worse for Alter Ego.”

Mirko stated that this may have been the referee’s fault for not pausing the game in time. Needless to say, fans will have to wait for the official statement from the MPL ID after the investigation reaches its conclusion.

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