Most Finishes in BGMI: Who is the Current Record Holder

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Casetoo BGMI


Casetoo, a popular gaming Youtuber broke the record for most finishes in a single match in BGMI.
The record was previously held by Lolzzz Gaming with 49 finishes and is now broken by Casetoo with a total of 51 finishes.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular battle royale games in India and as a result a great deal of content is created around the game. BGMI content creators are continuously looking for new ways to engage their audience through various challenges. The challenge of most kills in a single match is among the most difficult to achieve.   

Aditya "Casetoo" Sharma, a popular Indian gaming YouTuber, has made history by achieving the most finishes in a single BGMI match. Yash “LoLzZz” Thacker previously held the record with 49 kills. Casetoo, on the other hand, now holds the BGMI single-match kills record with 51 kills.

Casetoo breaks the record for the most finishes in a single match in BGMI

Casetoo, who is well-known for his excellent gaming abilities and amusing commentary videos, demonstrated exceptional gameplay and quick reflexes throughout the match to reach this extraordinary milestone. 

On 9th September,  Casetoo posted a video to his YouTube channel showing the match in which he achieved the record-breaking achievement of 51 kills. He played the match on Erangel, a popular map in BGMI noted for its varied landscape and furious gameplay. 

In the video, Casetoo lands in the new Dragon Ball Theme Park on Erangel, also known as Igloo. It was evident from the start that this match would be unlike any other. Casetoo, with the assistance of his teammates, amazingly secured 32 kills at the drop spot itself. After that, he traversed the map, tracking and eliminating enemies one by one. Casetoo continued to rack up kills as the game progressed, stretching the limits of what was previously thought possible.

Casetoo's first moment of triumph came when he achieved the half-century mark, collecting a massive 50 kills. After accomplishing 50 kills, Casetoo announced that he had been striving to accomplish this goal for about a month and had finally succeeded. The second moment of triumph came when he eliminated the last enemy and secured the chicken dinner as well as the record for the most finishes in BGMI with a total of 51 finishes.

It will be interesting to see if the previous record holder Lolzzz Gaming attempts to reclaim the title in the future. The existing record will be difficult to break, but such talented players can keep pushing the boundaries.

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