BGMI Pro Showdown 2023 Day 5: Overall Standings, Match Summary, and More

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BGMI Pro Showdown 2023


Team Soul and Gujarat Tigers continue to dominate the event.
Gods Reign made a remarkable comeback by scoring 62 points and climbed into the top 10 on the points table.

The seasoned squad of Team Soul has dominated the BGMI Pro Showdown 2023 so far. The recently formed squads such as Gladiator Esports, Gujarat Tigers and Numen Gaming have also performed consistently in this event.

Team Soul continued its dominance on Day 5 as the team was placed at the top of the table. It has accrued 171 points from 15 matches with 75 finish points. On Day 5 Team Soul secured a total of 19 points. Gujarat Titans maintained the second spot with 163 points through three chicken dinners and 70 eliminations.

BGMI Pro Showdown 2023 Day 5 match summary 

Match 1 Group B vs C (Erangel): Team Insane grabbed the chicken dinner in the first match of the day with a massive 31 points in total and 16 finish points. Blind Esports secured the second spot with 18 points. Team 8Bit continued its  consistency and was placed third with 14 points. Gujarat Tigers were eliminated early and did not secure a single point.

Match 2 Group A vs B (Miramar): Numen Gaming secured the chicken dinner on the map of Miramar. It secured 20 total points with 5 finish points. Team 8Bit continued its momentum and grabbed 19 points. Gujarat Tigers made a comeback to secure 14 points. Team Soul, OneBlade and OR Esports were able to get only 1 point each.

Match 3 Group A vs C (Erangel): One Like made a comeback and secured the top spot in this match with 25 total points and 10 finish points. Team Psyche got 18 points for its efforts. Numen Gaming continued its momentum and grabbed 16 points. Team Soul, WSB Gaming and team Tamilas took a single point each.

Match 4 Group B vs D (Erangel):  Gods Reign made a comeback and secured a chicken dinner with 20 total points. Although Gods Reign took the chicken dinner, Midwave Esports grabbed the most points from this match i.e. 21 points. Big Brother Esports also returned to form and grabbed 18 points. Marcos Gaming, Team X Spark and Entity took a single point each.

Match 5 Group A vs D (Miramar): GenxFm made a comeback in the penultimate match of the day with a chicken dinner and 23 total points. Team Soul also grabbed 17 total points. Gods Reign secured 16 points for its team effort. Revenant Esports and OneBlade were eliminated with a single point.

Match 6 Group C vs D (Miramar): Gods Reign secured its second chicken dinner of the day. It secured 26 total points with 11 finish points. Orangutan continued its good run and grabbed 18 points. Global Esports had a good game with 14 points and Team X Spark got 13 points.

For the most part, Team Soul and Gujarat Tigers dominated this event. Gods Reign made a remarkable comeback, scoring 62 points and climbing into the top 10 on the points table. Medal Esports and Marcos Gaming have yet to demonstrate their abilities.

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