Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.08 Update: Nana Nerf, Badang Mini-rework, and More


Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.08 Update: Nana Nerf, Badang Mini-Rework, and More

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Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.08 Update is packed with hero and gameplay adjustments.
The patch update also delivers new features and content such as skins and events.
The new hero Fredrinn has also arrived in MLBB.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Patch 1.7.08 has been announced. A lot of changes have been implemented in the new update along with new features and bug fixes. The new hero Fredrinn has also arrived alongside the Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.08. Nana has received a slight nerf to his crowd control ability. The hero Badang also received his mini-rework which may help him become more viable in the current meta. Various events such as the Brewing Storm, MLBB x Kung-Fu Panda collaboration event, and the Estes Blacklist International pre-order event have also been released.

New Hero

Fredrinn, the Rogue Appraiser

This new hero is classified as a Tank/Fighter that can perform a wide variety of attacks depending on his skill combos.

Passive - Crystalline Armor

  • Part of the damage Fredrinn receives will be stored as Crystal Energy. He can convert the Crystal Energy into HP by part of the damage dealt.

Skill 1 - Piercing Strike

  • Fredrinn deals damage to enemies in a narrow area in the target direction and enhances his next Basic Attack. The enhanced Basic Attack gains extra attack range and deals extra damage.

Skill 2 - Brave Assault

  • Fredrinn dashes in the target direction, dealing damage to the first non-minion enemy hit while enhancing his next Basic Attack. The enhanced Basic Attack knocks the target hit airborne.

Ultimate - Energy Eruption

  • Fredrinn deals damage to nearby enemies and taunts them. Hitting a non-minion enemy with this skill reduces the cooldowns of his regular skills and grants him extra Physical and Magic Defense.

Enhanced Ultimate - Appraiser's Wrath

  • Fredrinn deals high damage to enemies in a cone in the target direction. This damage is increased with his stored Crystal Energy.

Hero Adjustments



  • Optimized the pace when Nether Curse is triggered in succession.


  • New Effect: The Undead Knight no longer automatically returns to Vexana when he's too far away.

  • New Effect: Vexana can recast this skill to call the Undead Knight back to her side

  • Fixed an issue where the Undead Knight couldn't inherit Vexana's attributes and balanced its damage. Now it deals lower damage in the early game and higher damage in the late game.



  • Increased the Soul Fragment absorption range


  • This skill can now be cast when moving

  • Reduced the extra HP in the Specter state.


Skill 1

  • Cooldown: 7s >> 8.5-7s

  • Cooldown Reduction Per Attack Against Muddles: 1.2s >> 1.5s

Skill 2

  • Cooldown: 1.5s (goes on cooldown after Muddles disappears) >> 7-6s (goes on cooldown upon skill cast)

  • Mana Cost: 75-0 >> 60-10

  • New Effect: Muddles will disappear early when there are no linked enemies.

  • Removed: The skill goes on cooldown when Muddles disappears

  • Slightly increased Muddles's movement distance.


  • Defense Boost When the Skill Is Active: 3 Times >> 5 Times


Badang receives a mini-rework.


Skill 1

  • New Effect: Badang stores up to 2 skill charges and restores 1 charge every 13-10s (decreases with level).

  • Cooldown: 7-5s >> 2s

  • Initial Damage: 250-400 + 70% Physical Attack >> 210-360 + 90% Physical Attack

  • Subsequent Damage: 155-280 + 50% Physical Attack >> 115-215 + 60% Physical Attack

  • Forewing slightly reduced.

Skill 2

  • Cooldown Reduction: 10s >> 9s

  • Removed: 40% of the skill cooldown is refunded if no enemy is hit.

  • New Effect: Casting this skill grants Badang a 350-600 (+150% Physical Attack) shield that lasts 5s.


  • No longer grants a shield upon cast.

  • New Effect: Badang gains Control Immunity throughout the skill duration (instead of when the shield is active).

  • Initial Damage: 70-150 + 50% Physical Attack >> 80-140 + 54% Physical Attack

  • Collision Damage: 42-90 + 30% Physical Attack >> 40-70 + 27% Physical Attack

  • Max Number of Attacks: 10 >> 9

  • Optimized the logic of auto-targeting: The Ultimate will target the enemy hit by the obstacle by default if it's cast within 1s after Skill 2 hits an enemy. You can still manually drag and aim it at other enemies.



  • X.Borg can now freely move when restoring his Firaga Armor.

Skill & Ultimate

  • X.Borg's Skill 1 and Ultimate now also benefit from his Magic Power.



  • Enhanced Basic Attack's Damage: 250 + 120% Physical Attack >> 200 +130% Physical Attack

Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 210-285 >> 185-260

  • New Effect: Natalia's Skill 1 now always enjoys the damage bonus from her Passive when attacking creeps.


  • Extra Physical Attack: 20-50 >> 15-35

  • New Effect: Natalia stores up to 2 skill charges. The charging time is reduced by 100% on hero kills and 50% on creep kills.



  • Cooldown: 120s >> 150s

Skill 1

  • No longer slows enemies hit.


  • Slightly increased the interval between two attacks.



  • Slow Effect: 30% >> 20%

  • Duration: 0.5s >> 1s

  • New Effect: The slow effect can stack 2 times.


Skill 1 (Enhanced)

  • Base Sustained Damage: 80-220 >> 65-185

Skill 2 (Enhanced)

  • Base Sustained Damage: 102-150 >> 90-130

Skill 3 (Enhanced)

  • Base Sustained Damage: 80-112 >> 64-96


Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 150-300 >> 120-270

  • Cooldown: 2s >> 3s


Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 180-255 >> 150-225


  • Base Initial Damage: 450-750 >> 350-750


Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 100-250 >> 85-235


Skill 1

  • Now briefly reveals the position of the target hit.


  • Cooldown: 45-35s >> 55s-45s



  • Defense: 25-60 >> 20-45

Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 230-430 >> 215-390



  • Base Damage: 300-500 >> 300-400

  • Base Sustained Damage: 60-100 >> 60-80



  • Base HP: 2578 >> 2528

  • HP Growth: 145 >> 135



  • Purify and other control cleansing skills can now correctly remove the mark applied by Wanwan.


Skill 2

  • Cooldown: 13-10s >> 12-9s

  • Enhanced Skill's Stun Duration: 1.25s >> 1s

  • Slightly reduced the enhanced skill's knockback distance.


Skill 1

  • Subsequent Damage: 540-940 >> 590-940 (Initial Damage adjusted accordingly)

Skill 2

  • Base Damage: 200-350 >> 225-350

  • Base Shield: 150-300 >> 185-310

  • Mana Cost: 45-70 >> 40-55


Skill 2

  • First Three Attacks' Damage: 200-250 + 75% Extra Physical Attack >> 225-300 + 120% Extra Physical Attack


Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 250-350 >> 270-370

Skill 2

  • Base Damage: 300-400 >> 320-420


Skill 1

  • Initial Attack's Physical Attack Bonus: 60% >> 70%

  • Subsequent Attack's Physical Attack Bonus: 70% >> 80%


Skill 1

  • Cooldown: 10-8s >> 8.5-6.5s



  • Enhanced Basic Attack's Magic Power Bonus: 90% >> 115%

New Skins

New Skins

  • Martis "God of War" is back from the revamp and will be available on 9th August in the Lucky Box event.

  • Jawhead "Cyber Ranger" will be available on 9th August for 749 Diamonds. First week 30% OFF.

  • Fredrinn "Regal Renegade" will be available on 12th August. ONLY 51 Diamonds for the first two weeks.

  • M3 Champion Skin - Estes "Blacklist International" will be available for pre-order on 11th August, and for purchase between 18th August and 17th September for 899 Diamonds. First week 30% OFF.

  • September Starlight Skin - Atlas "Space Mech" will be available on 1st September.

  • Miya "Doom Catalyst" will be available on 3rd September at the Grand Collection event.

  • Dragon Tamer Skin - Lancelot "Empyrean Flame" will be available on 8th September for 899 Diamonds. First week 30% OFF.

  • Valentina "Archmagister" will be available on 17th September. First week 30% OFF

  • Vexana "Sanguine Rose" will be available soon with optimized in-match effects

Blacklist International Estes M3 Champion Skin


Magic Chess Adjustments

  • Dawn Commander - Ling will be available on 27th August for 499 Diamonds, 24000 Battle Points. First week 30% OFF.

  • Dawn Commander - Ling "Fiery Dance" will be available on 27th August for 269 Diamonds First week 30% OFF.

  • Dawn Commander - Lina and Lina "Fierv Dance" will be in a bundle and available on 27th August. First week 30% OFF.

Fragment Shop Adjustments

A. Rare Skin Fragment Shop

  • Will Be Available: Natalia "Phantom Dancer", Moskov "Snake Eye Commander" Argus "Dark Draconic", Alucard "Viscount", Yu Zhong "Emerald Dragon"

  • Will Be Unavailable: Kaja "Kaminari", Aurora "Heartbreak Empress", Cyclops "Deep Sea Rescuer", Leomord "Frostborn Paladin", Diggie "Pigeoneer"

B. Hero Fragment Shop

  • Will Be Available: Vale, Fanny, Thamuz, Estes

  • Will Be Unavailable: Bane, Yi Sun-shin, Balmond, Kimmy

System Adjustments

  • Info of MVP Star-Up Cards is now also displayed on the Protection Card details screen.

  • Rewards for completing 5 Ranked matches are now automatically granted.

  • Revamped the sharing screen of the Daily Sharing task.

  • Optimized the in-match scoreboard, hero info screen, and Turtle's icon.

  • Added a no-Ul mode to the hero info screen.

  • Optimized the experience with in-match reconnection; added secondary confirmation and extended the prompt's trigger time.

  • Optimized the custom avatar cropping on iOS devices.

  • Optimized the reward claiming animation when the graphic quality is set as Smooth.

The Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.08 Update is packed with a ton of gameplay and hero adjustments that may shake up the meta. It shall be interesting to see how these changes affect the heroes and which of them become more viable in both casual and competitive matches.

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