Mobile Legends (MLBB) New Talent System Explained


Mobile Legends (MLBB) New Talent System Explained

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The new Talent System in MLBB is set to arrive sometime in September.
The new Talent System is a complete overhaul of the current Emblem System.
The Talent System features a new set of passive effects that open a lot of potential strategies and playstyles for players to explore.

The new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Talent system is confirmed to release sometime in September 2022 as part of the Project NEXT update. The update completely overhauls the emblem system, giving players a whole new gameplay experience. The new MLBB Talent System may also shake up the meta as it opens up new strategies for players to explore and master. Moonton is yet to reveal the full description of each talent that shall arrive in the game soon. However, data miners have provided players a sneak peek at what they can expect when the Project NEXT update arrives on the regular server of MLBB.

MLBB New Talents details

The new Talent System in MLBB provides players with very versatile customization options compared to the current Emblem System in the game. Instead of being locked within a specific Emblem, these talents can be used by all heroes without limitations.

The tier one talents only provide basic stats depending on a player’s preference. However, the second and third tier provide various effects which could heavily affect a hero’s gameplay.

Here is a quick summary of what each talent can do;

Tier 2 Talents

  • Homeward Bound - When equipped, this talent immediately refills a hero’s HP and Mana pool after recalling back to base and then gains bonus movement speed.

  • Deadly Dart - When the hero equipped with this talent activates a mobility skill such as a dash, its next basic attack would be increased for a few seconds.

  • Vampiric Touch - Every three seconds, a hero’s basic attack against an enemy hero with a higher HP percentage restores a percentage of max HP.

  • Chrono Master - Upon reaching 20% cooldown reduction, gain a bonus of 5% extra Cooldown Reduction and Max Cooldown Reduction.

  • Blessed Fortress - A hero equipped with this talent gains bonus Physical and Magical defense for each enemy hero nearby.

  • Giant Slayer - Damage against an enemy with a higher HP percentage is increased.

  • Wilderness Blessing - When out of combat, Movement Speed in the Jungle and River is increased.

  • Fortune Finder - Receive bonus bounty gold after four minutes. Each death postpones the timer by 15 seconds. This bonus does not reset and can only activate once per match.

  • Perpetual Presence - Every one minute alive before the next death reduces the next respawn timer.

  • Seasoned hunter - Damage against Lord, Turtle, and Turrets is increased.

  • Essence Reaper - Each minion kill restores a percentage of HP.

  • Bargain Hunter - Equipment can be purchased for 95% of the original price.

  • Weapons Master - Physical attack and Magic Power gained from equipment are increased.

  • Spell Master - Battle spell cooldowns are reduced.

  • Eternal Bloodlust - Each hero kill grants an extra spell revamp capped at 12%.

  • Unbending Will - Every percentage of HP lost grants bonus damage capped at 10%.

Tier 3 Talents

  • Battle Frenzy - Dealing damage to heroes grants bonus physical and magical lifesteal for six seconds up to eighth stacks. Damage is also increased at max stacks.

  • Cosmic Blitz - Every 15 seconds, the next skill against an enemy summons a mana meteor that deals magic damage after a short delay.

  • Arcane Furor - Upton taking heavy damage from enemy heroes, releases a shockwave that reduces nearby enemies’ movement speed and attack speed. This talent has a three second cooldown.

  • Temporal Reign - Every 20 seconds, the next ultimate cast reduces regular skills’ cooldowns.

  • Quantum Charge - Every 10 seconds, the next basic attack’s range is increased. Upon landing a hit, the hero gains bonus movement speed and restores HP based on its Physical attack.

  • Immortal Fury - Every five seconds, the next skill deals a percentage of the target’s HP as bonus Magic Damage and restores a percentage of Mana and HP on hit.

  • Glorious Dominion - Every eight seconds, the next crowd control ability hit on an enemy restores a percentage of max HP and grants bonus Physical and Magic defense for three seconds

  • Death Alliance - Every six seconds, the next attack against an enemy hero increases allied heroes’ damage to the affected enemy hero.

  • Master Assassin - When there is only one enemy hero nearby, damage against that hero is increased.

  • Concussive Blast - Every 15 seconds, the next basic attack deals bonus Magic Damage to nearby enemies after a brief delay.

  • Killing Spree - Each Hero kill restores a percentage of HP instantly and more in the next three seconds. The hero also gains bonus movement speed for the duration.

  • Coin Collector - Every four seconds, the next track against an enemy hero grants bonus gold capped at 1,200 gold.

  • Fatal Snare - Basic Attacks have a chance to reduce enemies’ movement speed.

  • Lethal Ignition - Dealing damage greater than a percentage of the enemy hero’s max HP three times within five seconds sets them on fire dealing adaptive damage.

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