Mobile Legends in PH Is Embraced With Passion, Not just a Job, Says Dogie


Mobile Legends in PH Is Embraced With Passion, Not Just a Job, Says Dogie

Dogie Highlights Philippines as the Heart of Mobile Legends Passion

John Dave Rossel
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Through a live watch party, Dogie explained why the PH region remains as a powerhouse in the MLBB esports scene.
According to Dogie, MLBB in the Philippines is played with passion instead of being considered as just a job.
Dogie also encourages foreign teams to train the PH MLBB server as this server is unforgiving in ranked games.

One of the most legendary figures in the Mobile Legends community, Naser "Dogie" Mollazehi, sheds light on what sets the Philippines apart as a powerhouse in the esports scene. According to him, while many regions view esports as a job, Filipino players stand out by cherishing the game and playing it with heart.

Encouraging international teams to elevate their skills, Dogie also emphasizes the Philippines as the perfect training ground. The local server boasts a pool of highly skilled players, presenting a significant advantage for foreign teams aspiring to grow into professional players.

Dogie Claims PH is the perfect Training Ground for Foreign MLBB Teams

In a recent M5 World Championship group stage live watch party on 3rd December, Dogie unveiled his perspective on why foreign teams struggle to keep up with their Filipino counterparts. His advice to all Mobile Legends teams worldwide is clear: "If you want to practice, do it here in the Philippines. Ranked Games (RG) here are unforgiving."

Backing his claim, Dogie highlighted that Mobile Legends seems tailor-made for Filipino players, as evidenced by North American teams being dominated when attempting to play on the Philippines (PH) server.

The distinction lies in the way Filipino players approach Mobile Legends – not as a job, but as a passion. Dogie contrasts this with a claim that professional teams and players outside the region predominantly view the game as mere employment.

After acknowledging foreign teams coming to train in the Philippines, Dogie further explained how, unlike many professional teams and players outside the region who view the game merely as a job, the Filipino players approach it with a genuine passion.

"The good thing about here, just so you know, Mobile Legends here in the Philippines is loved, not done as a job. In Indonesia, Mobile Legends is considered a job. Here, it’s played passionately, with love," explained Dogie.

The Philippines continues to solidify its presence in the global Mobile Legends arena, especially in the ongoing knockout stage of the M5 World Championship. Dogie's insights highlight the country as a vibrant hub where the game is not just played but truly embraced with fervor and devotion. Foreign teams seeking to thrive in the competitive world of Mobile Legends may find the ideal environment for growth in the heart of Filipino esports passion.

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